T.H.E.Y. at their daily board meeting, keeping the world going.

What is T.H.E.Y.? Well, you might be one of the millions of people who use their name and don't even realize it.

You may say things like "They should do something about the road" or "You know what they say...!". In reality, the secret organization T.H.E.Y. controls much of our everyday lives. T.H.E.Y. do so much and control so much, you wouldn't believe it.

T.H.E.Y. was organized hundreds of years ago when people from all points of the world got together to form one huge international government. It still exsists today in a place nobody is certain of. T.H.E.Y.'s plan was to be able to control all without all knowing it. T.H.E.Y. work in secret. T.H.E.Y. put other government control to shame with meathods their organization uses. Worldwide control, all in darkness, keeping the human race (and other species) blinded to the ultimate truth.

So what does T.H.E.Y. stand for? T.H.E.Y. stands for Territorial Humanitarianism Establishment Yea. To break it down- Territorial represents the control over all masses. Humanitarianism represents the prospering of the human race. Establishment simply explains that T.H.E.Y. exists. Yea means true, which is what T.H.E.Y. is. T.H.E.Y. isn't a threat, nor do T.H.E.Y. wish to cause panic. T.H.E.Y. is there to keep us happy and fix the little things that can cause big problems. T.H.E.Y. is our friend, and is here to help- not hurt.

T.H.E.Y. control every aspect of our lives. The organization perfected a meathod of implanting the fact of their existance into our memory, genetically rendering our thoughts. This is why we say "They should" and "They say" etc. We are actually remembering T.H.E.Y. but do no realize it. T.H.E.Y. is the highest power and rule over all.

Will T.H.E.Y. ever show themselves to the public? Who is on the T.H.E.Y. commitee? Where is T.H.E.Y.? There is much to be answered. But with all we know now, all we can do is let them do their thing. Accept it, and be thankful for all T.H.E.Y. have done for us. Remember to look out for the little hints of their existance when people talk about what "T.H.E.Y. say" and what "T.H.E.Y. do". You can smile at what you now know about T.H.E.Y. and the truth about them.

You know what T.H.E.Y. say- "Go with the flow!"

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