Fun with The Sims!

Alright, so I got into playing The Sims. I started to work on a guy called Mike Bachelor. I then started to dislike the fact that he had to start from nothing and this other family, the Goths, had a lot from the start. So, I thought Bella Goth was alright. And so it started. The corruption of the Goth family. I was out to make it hell for Mortimer (the husband).

For a while I had been trying to get Bella to fall for me. It worked. Apparently, they don't mind each other, even in their private moments.

Finally, I got Bella. We got married in my kitchen for $1000? Whatever, I took her from him! So it starts, and I play God.

Now it was time to kill the kid. Back to the Goth residence.

So what the heck is this unpainted wall just doing there? And... whats that diamond looking thing floating?

SUPRISE! It's the kid, Cassandra! I orignally had a door on it, once she was in, I used the build tool to take it out. Now she'll rot in her own little room! HAH!

Here she is during the hell I put her through. She peed herself twice, was starving, and pretty much everything wasn't going well for her. Notice how red that diamond got.

Eventually, she died. I then removed the wall as if to say "SUPRISE, STUPID! YOUR DAUGHTER WAS IN THE WALL THE WHOLE TIME AND YOU DIDN'T KNOW! IN YOUR FACE!". During the time she was in the wall, she missed school a lot. And he, on his own, lost his job. So now he's an unemployed bastard.

I'll post more pics of events as I make them happen.