My Photoshop Works

I like to have fun with Photoshop. Photo editing is sort of a little side hobby of mine. So here's where I'll display any works I've done and have saved.

This was some thingy I did in Web Design as an assignment. Came out alright, I guess.

My first collage. Made for Web Design. Requirements were a background with hobbies, cars, food, whatever.

Same deal, later on in the year.

Latest and greatest! I had to rush towards the end of class, it's not as great as I wanted. Maybe I'll fix that sometime and replace the pic above.

The original picture was a grey clay sculpt of the Alien figurine. I made it heat visioned and scan lined. Predator vision, you could say.

Made for my Spawn Board signature.

Here is the main guy stealing the DeLorean from Back to the Future. And so starts a mini saga.

Now he's traveled back to the 1980's and is zooming through the city...

And this is what it's like when worlds collide!!

The sky was missing something. I figured out who.

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