My site not keeping you busy enough? Well here are places around the net that I've found!

My Web Shots Folder - - - Here's a collection of photos and pictures of mine - - - Bored? Check out this site. It has links to lots of interesting stuff that'll keep you busy!

McFarlane Toys Message Board - - - This is where I talk about toys with people all over the world! I post as Doku.

GameGossip GTA Board - - - Where I talk about Grand Theft Auto with the l33t gamers/children

Vice City Resource - - - A great looking site with all kinds of GTA VC info.

I love bacon - - - This site posts pictures almost daily of funny ads, signs, posters and whatnot.

Tamir's DeLorean Site - - - Tamir's awesome DeLorean site, very interesting and well made

Victory Records - - - The Victory site, for all your hardcore needs!

Road Runner - - - A record company with awesome metal bands.

Engrish! - - - A site with a collection of Japanese to English translations that are rather amusing

The Best Page In The Universe - - - You gotta see this. Hope you're not easily offended