EdgarAllanPoe85: Why were you so rude to me today?
EdgarAllanPoe85: That was uncalled for. I didnt' say anything to you that would have made you act like that to me.
EdgarAllanPoe85 signed off at 3:36:35 PM.
EdgarAllanPoe85 signed on at 3:37:32 PM.
EdgarAllanPoe85: Are you not going to talk now?
Dokujitsu: I set my stuff down, go in to grab a drink since none of the soda machines were working. I come back and everyone's taking over the table. It's now cluttered and I need to make space to set my food somewhere. So I throw my backpack down. "You don't need to be so pissy." It's not "Whats wrong?", it's you telling me how I should feel. Thats why I told you to shut up. Then you tell me I don't wanna get on your bad side like thats some kind of threat. So I told you straight up what I needed to say. Which was shut up and let me eat my lunch.
: I was kidding when I said, "Don't be pissy." You use to toss your bakpack like that all the time, just joking around. I'm having a miserable day, I failed a test, my mom is laying guilt trips on me about Leonard, my dad is trying to convince me to go stay with him all X-mas break, my classes are begining to suck, and I need a damn job. When you reacted like that I said this first thing that came to mind. You didn't say "What's wrong?" either. I thought it would have been nice to seat with you at lunch since
EdgarAllanPoe85: it had been a while since we had sat down and talked. I'm sorry for trying to be nice.
Dokujitsu: Every day there for me is a bad day, and I'm always miserable. I'm always in a mood where I don't like people messing with me in any way. So it's best to leave me alone when I'm not showing any signs of high spirits.
: WHAT THE HELL? I use to act like that. "Kelly you've changed." "Kelly why are you being so dark? "Kelly your so miserable."
EdgarAllanPoe85: I wasn't allowed to act like that around you, what gives you the right to treat me like shit?
EdgarAllanPoe85: I've never been anything but nice to you.
Dokujitsu: So you're going to relate todays lunch scene to what's happened in the past? I'm through living in the past. I don't care what happened. I don't care what you do now. Trying to bring up all that has nothing to do with what happened today. This is the first time I've ever said anything like that to your face.
: Well, you have no room to do something like that to me when ever one else were saying things just like it.
Dokujitsu: Who was?
: No one, I can't win or even get a word in edge wise with you any way.
EdgarAllanPoe85: I'm dirt beneath your feet, walk all over me.
Dokujitsu: I simply asked who was saying things. You said everyone else was saying things just like it. Who and what did they say?
: What does it matter, are you going to say something now and be a big man?
Dokujitsu: Why won't you just say who?
: It's over and done with but you still owe me an apology. They all noticed that you were actting like a god damned jerk!
Dokujitsu: So now it's over, now that you won't say who everyone was that was apparently saying things. And after you left, Steph and I were talking about what happened and I told her what I told you. That I didn't need you telling me not to be pissy like I had no right to be angry. I talked with the whole table listening. Nobody told me I was a jerk. I'm sure that they would have with the crowd there. Marci didn't care, she left. Brenna didn't say anything and if she had a problem I'm sure she would have told me. John didn't care. That covers everyone that was at the table when it happened. So who are all these people that noticed I was acting like a god damned jerk?
: You know what. I fucking hate the way you have control over me and the things I say.
Dokujitsu: I have no control over you. How do I have control?
EdgarAllanPoe85: I will, and never get a point across to you, will I?
EdgarAllanPoe85: Just leave me alone, I guess you don't need Kelly in your life. It's seems peachy without her.

Dokujitsu: What is your point? Everything that you're telling me I'm proving to be different.
Dokujitsu: Remember, you came to me first.
: Remember what, I remember nothing.