Story Time

5.14.03 9:24 am

If you thought I deserted this site, I didn't. This semester was just really busy and I lacked all kinds of motivation to update.

So what's going on? If you want some kind of updates on my life, check out my Live Journal.

This site is going to get a whole new look. A lot less stuff made for my personal amusement. And I'll pay for a site so there's no more pop ups.

Sorry for no new pics or pages. I'm tellin ya, this semester messed me up! Oh, and I gave up on the Doku Does NY page. I'll probably still put pictures up, but the story is something I and special people are going to hold onto. I don't think a million cyberspace people give a shit, really.

And that's why I'm changing the site. I wanna make something with purpose. Something like Maddox's Site with my own twist. And something like the old Stile Project (now it's mainly porn :\). Something I wouldn't be embarassed to show people if they asked to see my site. This page was first done out of fun and for myself. But It's old and dumb. I think I'm going to cut it down to a handfull of pages on myself and the rest for whatever.

This summer! It's coming!


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