Story Time

1.11.03 11:10 pm

Blakka blakka, foo!

Sorry for no updates. And no NY page. The page is being worked on when I can. Procrastinating, I know. It's coming. So here for now, is a story to hold you over.

Ok? Ok! Here's what happened tonight at work.

It starts when I see this massive group of what is 20 people standing in the front of the resturaunt. I'm looking from the kitchen door. Whoop de shit, a huge party.

Ray Ray comes in the kitchen lookin upset. When my fellow cook Nick asked what was wrong, she proceded to tell us. Apparently, she had an experience which went something like this:

Idiot: We want to be seated!
Rach: I'm sorry, you have to wait. There's already a party in the cubby
Idiot: Well tell them to leave!
Rach: I can't do that, you do it if you want to, but I'm not losing my job doing that.
Idiot: I was just kidding, bitch!

Nice huh? Getting pissy because your damn party can't be seated. Make reservations, jag off. So thats why she had come back. If I could've, I would have confronted him. I really wanted to, but here's where things pick up.

About 5 minutes later, my other cook buddy Scott comes running back to the kitchen looking distressed. Nick follows. When I ask whats going on, Scott tells me that the party was outside breaking stuff. I would later find out they didn't really, but threatened to do it. They had gotten kicked out for causing trouble. Apparently they also called the manager/owner, Mary, names too. Scott and Nick were gonna chase em off or something I guessed.

Back into the kitchen I go. They've got it under control, I guess. Then Rach is back. "You might want to watch you cars. They were on their way out there." she says. My car. My Dom Mobile. Those bastards. I sorta snapped, but it was really just an adrenaline rush. I unscrewed a broom stick and went out. Doku was ready to kick ass.

I saw one of the trucks pull off in a hurry from the group. I met up with Scott and Nick. They laughed at me for weilding a broomstick and looking psyched. My car was fine. Scott noticed Deo's (Rach's boy) car had a big dent in the front. That wasn't from them. We went out to the front. The cops had been called. As they came down the street with lights flashing, the truck I saw went blazing by. We all pointed. The cop pulled up and bartender Palmer and manager/server Brian told em what was up. Another suspect drives by. The cop was off to save the day.

We find out that one of the hostess/to go girls knows the group, or some of the guys at least. They're not all right in the head. One guy was pumped on steroids. She said knowing them they'd be back in large numbers. And, I think, they even said they'd be.

I learned that when the people I care about are involved, I get pissed. It was just more reason for me to beat ass. I was really looking forward to breaking someone's face open. I even told Nick, if I was given permission, I'd go up front and confront the guy. I even saw myself ready to fight em. But I was mostly pissed because they were so mean to Rach. I had gone into defensive mode. I do this when people close to me are threatened. Like when my mom thought there was someone in the garage, I got a big kitchen knife, and looking like Mike Myers, went in there fearlessly.

That was the highlight of the night day week recent events. Look out for Doku Does NY!

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