Fire on yah!

12.20.02 1:32 am

Please excuse my bad cam

I feel better!!!!

Ever since that entry I wrote Monday, things picked up a lot. People have been really nice to me and things. I wonder what happened. It went from day to night (seeing how I like night more than day)!

Kels called me yesterday. We've finally been able to talk again. I guess we've been missing each other online a lot. Talking with her made me feel a lot better about things I've worried about for the last month +. Turns out she's real excited to see me and can't wait for next week. I've been the same way myself, but really confused as to what was going on. Things are coming together and making sense. What a great sensation! :D

This week of exams went fine up until my 7th period Algebra. Bastard thing. I was never great at math. But other than that it was an ok week.

Damn long day. Exams. BCC for 2 hours after school, which made me late to work. Then work. Then I hung out @ Jeff's with he and John. Great times. Oh, why was I at BCC. Well, Dual Enrollment. I got what I needed after waiting through all that. Boosheet.

My dad said my Christmas gift is my ticket to NY. Well holy crap! I have more money now. I might get a guitar or cabinet for my amp when I get back. Who knows!? Nooobody knows!

I'm REALLY looking forward to my trip now. I got all my clothes ready. My badass FEAR FACTORY HOODIE I won off Ebay. I finally got it after months of wanting it. Buying stuff is the American way! This is for all those starving kids who can't eat the scraps of food I throw away! HAHA! ALL I CAN EAT BUFFET AND NONE FOR YOU!!!!

I don't understand what it is with people suddenly wearing Santa hats in public. I see kids at school with it. Then I saw this chick in BCC. Then this guy at work. WTF. It looks so dumb, I wish they knew. They look like idiots. Like drunk Christmas idiots.

I think of about 450,000 things to put in here but I can't remember em when I want to put it in.

In other news, I started reading
Choke finally. Great stuff. But what to expect from the creator of Fight Club, right? Brilliance. And I rarely read, so that says something!

Till next time kids! Dokujitsu is a happy ninja for now!

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