I hate sickness, liars, and TV

12.06.02 10:48 am

Blah, disease

So I had to stay home today. I worked last night and felt terrible near the end of the shift. I came home to find I had a 101.2 fever. Nice! I don't want to be sick, for once.

There really is a lot of crap on tv. As many may know, I hate MTV. They always show one genere of music and control the music hype. "Here's who's hot!" for those people who feel they have to listen to a certain someone to be accepted. MTV plays a lot of rap. What is BET for!? MTV put out a cd or 2 called Return of the Rock a while ago. Return? It never went away! They just don't promote it as much. Music tv, what a joke. And half the time when it's not a 5 minute commercial break, it's some BS drama or something. If I could bring down anyone, it would be MTV. Either destroy it or make it into what I wish it would be. I think a lot of people try to base their lives on a simple TV channel. Where would we be without the MTV? Then you have the usual BS sitcoms, talkshows, and crap cartoons. I rarely watch the tube.

Another thing that bothers me is the stupid Truth and Anti Drug commercials. South Park made fun of em this week. Try to catch that episode where Stan meets his future self. So anyways, I saw another bullshit Truth commercial. It had, what appeared to be, a homeless guy reading some phoney statistics. Went something to the tune of "In 1994, a big tobacco company set out to target homeless people and homosexuals. The project was called SCUM, but I'm sure they ment that in a good way." Could Truth lie anymore? They make up these BS facts and have random statistics for everything. "Cigarettes kill more than alcohol, drugs, car crashes, nuclear war, aids, and murder COMBINED!" Of course that was an exaggeration, but all kind of anti groups do this. What they target kills more than this this and this combined. They can't give an actual name. It's always "A Big Tobacco Corporation". I wonder why they don't target alcohol. I saw a big ad for Miller Lite on a roadside billboard. Great place to advertise alcohol huh, on the road. And when was the last time you saw ads for cigs aimed at homeless people and gays? Here's my photoshop interpretations:

Truth lies


What next, "In 2002, a big tobacco corporation targeted 5 year olds!". Believe it or not, I only added text to the following image-

It felt good to vent a little.

To whom it may concern, guess what I did last night:


I hope to get well real fast. The swollen throat thing isn't fun.

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