Rare appearances by me

12.04.02 6:23 pm

Do I look fat to you?

Ok, here goes the update. Now Brenna can stop asking!

So what's new. Work and the usual of course. I got a Slipknot dvd after seeing it at Scott's place. It's really damn cool. I also got System of a Down - Steal This Album and Mudvayne - The End Of All Things To Come. Aaaand, a new cd player because my other one broke (lasted a nice long 5 years or so!). Thats how spending's gone.

I put a video online. It's of me at a show windmilling and going stupid. Short. You may have to kick up the brightness and contrast to see anything. For the .avi video, Click Here!

John works at Frankie's now. I hope he likes it. It can be a great place to work. I know how he wants the money and hours. Rach got pissed when she heard John started at $6 an hour. Not at John, or myself- at the workplace. She should make a little more, I think. She's one of the best girls there. I care about her a lot, maybe too much?

I got an ebay account so I could get a special something. What is it? I won't say unless I win the SOB. I've already been outbid by some lameass. I really need this thing. Trust me. I'll need it next month.

Speaking of next month, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have a great time in NY. I still hope to see Kelsey. I can't force her. I sent her an email trying to lessen any fears she might have. I think she may have the idea that I'm really some perv freak coming to take her innocence! Yeah right. All I can say is if I don't see her, things will probably be a lot different when I get back.

What is it with me and having to cancel plans!? A few days ago John and I were gonna do something. Then right after I let my mom know, an IM chimes up from John saying he has plans with this girl-friend of his. Cool, whatever. Then today Jeff asks me to come over. SAME DEAL. Right when I tell my mom, the phone rings. Jeff has a girl interest. As long as I've known Jeff, he hasn't really gone after any girls. I explained all this to my mom (about cancelling plans twice for a similar reason), and she asks why there aren't any girls chasing after me. That's damn depressing. And I don't think I'll have a date to prom if things keep up like this. What the crap is wrong with me?

"Santa Claus is comin... to blow you up!" -Rach after hearing Christmas songs in Web II

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