Heavy Metal

11.16.02 8:47 pm

Rock on, mutha @$%^

Today was my day off since I worked the last 3 days in a row. It wasn't bad. The highlights were the outing to the mall and the show/party at Kiwanis Island.

I slept in till about 11 (when I usually have to be at work). I hung around here, went online, played some games, ate lunch. Then I went to the mall.

Merritt Island is TOO crowded. I go to the mall and there's about 450,000 people there! Jesus. Traffic in that parking lot was chaos. I screamed out of frustration. I go out to get away from my stress problems and they just follow me. I go in and theres people everywhere, much like school. Cluttered, suffocating. People stopped in the middle of everything to talk. wtf, man. But I got myself a Fear Factory DVD out of it! Score, aye! I've been looking for it whenever I went to FYE for the last few months. It's really killer! Great stuff. I then went out to work to see everyone, BS a little. I took off when they were realizing they were short one person for kitchen staff.

Came home, ate dinner, fell asleep at 6. 640 or so rolls around and my mom's trying to wake me up. My cousin's on the phone. I didn't want to talk because I was dead asleep. Waving and smacking my arm around, my mom forces the phone on me. I talk to Angela for about 5 minutes and she had to go. Then I remember the show at 7. I'm off.

I head off to Kiwanis to see my bud Kenny's band and attend another bud's party. It was alright. The band played 3 songs which you couldn't make out the music or the words. Mostly cuz the vocals were just "brah rah rah rah roarrhh". Though there was about 25 people there, I saw a lot of friends of mine and talked to them. I went in the little pit and went ballistic for fun. Left after about an hour.

In other big news, my dad said we're going to NY next month. Yay, right? I finally get to meet Kelsey. Well I have people telling me I'm gonna be dissapointed, things won't work, my expectations will be let down, nobody knows what to think anymore. What the frick, man? I saved up a bunch of money for this, got all excited that I'm finally able to go, and now this crock of shit comes my way. I thought this was what we had planned on for the longest time. I had the highest spirits and now I feel like crap. Why would you want me to feel like this won't work at all? Shouldn't you hope for the best and not expect the worst!? It's like telling me right now "Fuck you, stay home, it was all a mistake in the first place". It's a terrible feeling. I think it's one of the worst. Something you're supposed to be happy for and people you expect to be happy for you tell you that it's going to suck.

Aside from people dragging me down, it was ok today.

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