11.10.02 9:46 pm

Marble Slab 0wn5 j00

What a day. What... a... day.

We had 2 bomb threats today at school. The first was at the start of 3rd period. That lasted an hour and a half. They sent us back to class for about a half hour 4th period. Lunch. 5th period. Halfway through 6th- another code black. Back out to the stadium we go! Another hour and a half, almost. They let us go with 10 minutes till the end of school. Chaos getting outta that parking lot. Our school is too crowded.

My parents went to see the guidance counselor about my auto shop grade. They wasted their time. The assistant principal, who's in charge of this problem, was out to lunch. Great. So I got all kinds of bad news. They had no luck with getting that grade changed. I can't take OJT next semester no matter what due to my GPA (like you have to be smart to take it??). And apparently I can't get the Bright Futures Scholarship because my GPA is just a little under the minimum! LOVELY! Now I thought about it and I think the one I was going for was the Gold Seal Scholarship. But that would mean that if my GPA wasn't enough for one, it wouldn't be for the other. So that means I wasted my time and I'm suffering in school for no reason anymore. That scholarship was the reason I stayed in school. I feel like a failure. No matter how hard I try, I lose. I kick ass in that web class, and I get nothing out of it. Apparently I had too many C's in my grade history. Great, thanks to the stupid goddamned school system for screwing me over. It's pains me to think I failed the Bright Futures Scholarship. Now I guess I don't have a bright future.

I was feeling really depressed, so I played some Vice City to take my mind off things. I think I'm going to make a Vice City page on my site. I saw this setup by a kid net-named Noops. It's screenshots and whatnot. Anyways, the gaming took my mind off everything. Then I went to Marble Slab to see John and get some ice cream, as you can see in the picture above.

Not too great of a day for Dokujitsu.

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