11.10.02 9:46 pm

This is not recent.

Weekend Update! Not Saturday Night Live, tho.

Friday.. Friday I bussed. I trained the dishwasher and had to split tips with em. 21 me 20 him. Which was pointless.. why? Well.. this brings me to Saturday.

Saturday, 2 employees FIRED. The bum who now lives in a trailer out behind the resturaunt (movin on up from the walk in cooler) had to call in. But he didn't, the bartender from wherever he was did. Too drunk to work! Gone. Next up, the kid I trained. One of the owners caught him eating carrots and told him to stop because it costs money. He mouthed off to her, gone. Rachel came in not looking quite right. I asked what's wrong and she proceeded to tell me through her tears that she was extremely sick and how she shouldn't have had to come in. She called in sick and she was told she HAD to come in. Poor girl. I heard she eventually was allowed to go home. I hope things are ok. I was off at 5.

Went home, ate, and went to Kelly's to hang out with her and try to get her spirits up since she's had a depressing change of events. Hope I helped, I try to be a friend..

Sunday, today. Work the normal day, and now for a story of what happened. The only highlight-

So I'm scheduled off work at 5. 4:15 rolls around and my co worker Scott asks our manager who he's working with, cuz the manager was sending his son home, and nobody else would be there to work with him when I left. So the manager says "Dom is!" "No.. he's off at 5" "He's off at 7...!" *I show him the schedule he made up* "Oh @#%^!" So to get me to stay, he bribed me. "How much?" he says. I jokingly tell him 100 bucks. Then I say a free dinner would be nice. He gave me $10, and a free meal. So needless to say, I took the extra 3 hours. Good deal, aye!? :D

That was the weekend. Work mostly, as usual. I gotta get a research paper done for English. I have some done, I'll probably finish it tomorrow when I'm rested and thinking better. Take care, kids.

"Stuff the whole thing in ya face!" -Scott & I being goofy at work (to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock)

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