11.7.02 9:49 pm

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Auto shop update- the teacher was put in a position where he could resign.. or be fired. The school was ready to fire him, but gave him the option to quit. I also heard the assistant principal who has her hand in this found more papers. Oh look, the ones that apparently I didn't do! Found them? Hidden? What? Jesus..

I got chilly recently. I was sporting Brenna's dad's kick butt Bryant jacket that she let me have a few years ago. I still want my Fear Factory hoodie! Bluegrape.com is pissin me off. It is nice to get away from the humidity and heat that comes with the Florida package deal.

I worked tonight 4-8:40. I would have been out at 8 but it got a little busy. The upper deck smelled like dead animal. It reeked so bad. Puke. I bus tables tomorrow. Joy. I hate bussing.

Now for quotes of today:

"I look nothing like anyone in my family, explain that one..!" -A girl in psychology
"The mail man!" -A kid's witty answer

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