11.6.02 7:32 pm

What Dom looks like when a stupid teacher leaves!

YES! Yeeeeeeeeeeeesssss!! My idiot auto shop teacher QUIT today! Good riddance, you bastard! Eat shizzah and die!! But.. now how will I get my grade fixed!? That sunuvabitch..

Before that, we had gotten kicked out of our own classroom. Yea, all his classes are in the library now because it was so outta control in the classroom. Now we get to lessons and just book work. It really pisses this ninja off.

Power went out in school yesterday. At about a quarter till 3, it just clicked off. Well, there was a reason - somone hit the transformer outside the school... with their car. When the power went out it messed up the computer lab's network, so we couldn't use it this morning. I knew that was gonna happen.

On a final note- Kelsey is special to me. She told me about some sweet dreams she had. It picked my spirits up a whole lot. I really needed it. Thanks, love. ;D

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