11.2.02 9:31 am

Pimp, Tommy, Pimp

As you can see, I had fun gaming last night. Yes, those are DeLoreans behind me. Or as the game calls em- Deluxo. I had the night off, so what better to do than play the top selling game on the market, right? So I had good fun.

Auto shop got worse. When they gave report cards out a week or so ago, he had left the space for his class blank because he messed up- on every one of his students' report cards in all his classes. Some stupid little error, right? So he writes in a B on my report card. Then the assistant principal gets her dirty hands into this trying to fix the mess. We get our new grades yesterday. Stop right there. NEW grades? Shouldn't we have just gotten the one that was written in. I went from a B to a D, girls and boys. How the crap does that one happen!? EVERYBODY in my class had that problem. Their grades went down at least a grade level from what he had written in. They royally @$^&ed up. I'm getting that damn B back. Monday, I'm raising Hell, with assistance from my folks.

Like the new little changes? Thanks to special people for helping me! The cool scrollbars and the tag board under this box. It's still a work in progress. I need to make all links yellow to show up better, and make the tag board box smaller. Neat! :D

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