10.30.02 8:27 pm


I've been playing my new game quite a bit over the last day. It's a lot of fun! It keeps getting better. What makes GTA games and Vice City unique is it's like playing a movie. There was a script made up for the game. I read movie scripts have about 100 pages or so average to them. Vice City's has 2000. I like drama, and this game is full of action/drama/. Greatness!

Going back to school today wasn't too hard. I didn't miss much. The usual BS and chaos. People missed me, and I felt honored! How nice to know people notice when I'm gone. And I say this because it was people I wouldn't have really expected. See? Some people can be really nice. But they're still friends of mine. Haw haw!

I had to play messanger tonight. Kels and an old aquaintance of her are having some friction. The guy who she's having trouble with IM's me and wants me to tell her a bunch of crap for him. Thanks! I hate spreading trouble. :\

It rained hard today for a little less than an hour. Rather than walk through the congested halls to stay dry, I just walked through it. I got soaked (my head mostly). It's just water. But I am still sick. Hmph..I feel fine. "We're teenagers, we're invincible!" -Joe 3 years ago

Don't expect another update for awhile. I need to do some changes to the site as far as appearance goes. New colors and whatnot. It's much needed. Till then, girls and boys. Oh! And Happy Halloween! :D

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