10.27.02 pt 2

Today I left John's at what I thought was a quarter till 10. Forgetting the time change, it was really till 9. Whoops! :

Work was thrilling. I got really scared. I had a plan with my parents to get some wings for my sister's birthday party. I asked my manager if I could use my 50% off discount. He said we'd just order it as a 30 piece and drop a 50 instead. Neat! So I go along with it and say it's a 30 on a ticket I wrote up. When my dad comes to get it, the owner comes back and asks if I have an order ready. He then asked what it was, so I told him it was a 30. He checked the boxes and saw there was definately more. I really thought I was gonna get fired for stealing food or something. My manager talked to him and worked it out. We rang it up as a 50 and I got my 50% off. Christ, that was scary. As for the rest of the day at work, it was slow, but steady. Scott was on chicken and I did apps. Chicken was busy as hell come 5 o'clock. I helped him when I could.

Today I was trying to be nicer to Rach. I've been a jag off to her lately (not on purpose). I really hate myself when I piss people off and they're people I care about most. I made her some food to take home, so hopefully that made her day a little better.

Kels had her Halloween party yesterday. She says it sucked cuz nobody was there for her to hang out with. I feel bad about that. She should have had a blast. She was really looking forward to it. Then when she found out she was gonna be all alone, she wasn't thrilled. Thinking about this, I realized that I had originally wanted to be there right now. This week, with her. Freaking school. I have enough money to go, too! I should have been there. Soon, though. Soon.

On another note, I'm feeling really sick. I woke up with a slightly sore throat this morning. Now I'm sick to my head, throat, and stomach. Lovely.

I have to work Halloween, which is good and bad. Bad because I can't dress up and go out with friends. Good because I got Friday off. That means Vice City time all night long. I'm an addict and I don't even have it yet. At least I don't make gaming my life like some people I know. "Hey! How are ya? I was playin this game and..." Shut up! Great coversation topic for someone who could care less.

Here comes another school week! YAY! :thrilled:

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