Today was alright.

At work, there was some action. The Budweiser truck was parked out back and the Sysco food supplier came and parked so he pinned his truck to the Bud guy's. It was great! Too bad nobody had a camera. Kodak moments like these. We all (the cooks and truck drivers and the lovely Ray Ray) talked in the kitchen about miscellanious stuff. It was good. There were no managers, really. Easy going.

Then... it went kinda downhill. John and I went to see The Ring. The movie is great to see... if you don't have an experience like ours. The goddamned theater was full of kids with crap for brains. We sat, a guy and his 3 girlfriends sat next to us. They talked for about the first half hour of the movie. We moved, so I assume they kept going. Then when something serious happened or something that you should take seriously, the whole theater erupted in laughter. I don't think a horse falling off a boat and getting chopped up is too funny myself. So aside from the terrible audience, the movie was good. Tips for seeing movies - 1. Don't go on a weekend night 2. If it's rated R, it means less annoying kids. 3. If you go on Saturday, don't be near the theater around 930. One big gang.

We then went to Applebees for some food. I felt a lot better near the end of the meal. We talked about stuff and ate, so I was relieved quite a bit.

Back to Johns where we hung out and drooled over Vice City (which comes out Tuesday). It's like Christmas is coming! :)

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