Crazyness, starring John and I

John showed up in his pimpin Tacoma

John says "Hey, what the crap does that billboard say!?"

We both laugh - "Blowin up Racetrac!"

Then we saw this guy and John wanted me to get a picture of him.

We saw trouble...

Go get em!

John was sad for the guy in the truck

He really broke down...!

After Quizno's, he felt better...

He was drunk

On the way back, we saw people. Like this old guy! He's moving so fast!!

Mmmm, food at Sinbads

The local prison! Oh wait, is that a school?

Another old guy

This lady couldn't get on her bike. Hey look, the comic shop!

John says - "Hey, is that Deo in front of us!?"

"Yeah! Lemme get out and say hi!"

A H H H H H H H H H!
I screamed like a banshee into the car

John thought it was funny

And me trying to look cool back at my place


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