I'm Dominic Scarpa. Dom for short. I'm an 18 year old guy who resides in Merritt Island, Flordia. From 8:30 to 3:30 I'm in a tightly secured prison.

I work about 4 days a week at Frankie's Wings at Port Canaveral. Thats my whole weekend, work. But I try to get time for myself in. It's not easy being in school and working at the same time. You gotta keep good grades, keep good paychecks, and keep good friendships. It's like juggling your life. But thats how it is now, I'm sure things'll get easier.

I am an individual. I don't need people telling me what to wear, what to like, or how to act. The general public has become weak minded, and use them as a perfect example of the things I wish not to be. "To follow trend is to lose individualism, and to lose individualism is to gain a weak mind". I made that quote. It means that if you listen to, accept, and follow how others want you to behave, you'll lose your individualism. Peer pressure has little effect on me. I can think for myself, therefore, I will.

I play guitar. I usually play my own stuff. I rarely play other peoples things. I like to be as creative as possible. I've been playing since Christmas '99. I'd like to be in a band. I've found that there are lots of guitarists, a handful of bassists, and few good drummers. Vocalists I haven't looked into yet. But it's hard trying to start a good band. I find that there isn't much difference in the local music scene. I hope to change that. Right now my equipment isn't the best stuff for being in a band. But I have a theory- the better your skills, the better your stuff. I'd say my stuff is about right, not as good as it should be.

I collect toys. Mainly McFarlane. I go to the Spawn site and talk on the messageboards as Doku. I have a plethora of Spawn. Space in my room is running out. This is a hobby I hope to keep up. I have shelves full of figures. My mother doesn't understand why I have this hobby. My dad seems to support it. I feel that toy collecting is like, making up for the toys I couldn't have as a kid.

So, this is me at the moment. Trying to survive in this world. I don't know how much I could possibly change in the next few years. Things will only get better, I hope.This is how my teenage life has been going so far. That is the life of me, Dokujitsu!

Country roads, take me home...