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Criminal Justice Forum (CJF)

Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, (MSU) Abhishekapatti, Tirunelveli 627 012 Tamil Nadu INDIA Email:

CJF is a member of the ISPAC (International Scientific and Professional Advisory Council of the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme, Milan, Italy)

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Prof. K. Chockalingam

Vice Chancellor, MSU



Dr. P. Madhava Soma Sundaram 



Dr. Beulah Shekhar  (Programmes)


Mr. S. Ramdoss (Training)


Dr. K. Jaishankar (Placement and Publications)



Mr. R. Satheesh Kumar IMSc


Joint Secretary

Mr. R. Sailapathy I MSc



Mr. B. Venkat Raman IMSc


Council Members

Ms. J. Grace Raja Mani I MSc


Ms. A. Sofia I MSc


Mr. S. Pitchaimuthu I MSc



Criminal Justice Forum (CJF) has full and associate members. Full membership is open to Master's degree students and Doctoral Candidates of the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, MSU. Associate membership is available to Criminology students of distance education.

Mission: The mission of the Criminal Justice Forum (CJF) is to serve as the primary focal point in India for analyzing Crime and Justice scenario in India and developing job potential for the students of criminology .

Objectives: The objectives of the CJF are to:

  • Advocate and support activities that foster the development of new theories in criminology and technologies that improve the reduction of crime;

  • Promulgate and actively support the highest possible professional standards in occupations relating to Criminology and Criminal Justice sciences;

  • Foster the establishment and adoption of criminological research standards;

  • Serve as the focal point for the Department's participation in the International Associations of Criminology and other appropriate international criminological forums;

  • Support the publication of Crime and Justice Perspective  to ensure that it serves as one of the premier scholarly News letter in the discipline;

  • Organize special lectures and ensure that it continues to be one of the premier outlets for cutting-edge developments in Criminology and Criminal Justice Sciences;

  • Promote a wide range of educational and training opportunities that enable its members to keep abreast of the contemporary criminological developments in the country;

Governance: The Criminal Justice Forum is governed by a Executive Council elected by its membership.
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