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The Delaware Homeschoolers’ Coalition

Welcome to The Delaware Homeschoolers’ Coalition

The Delaware Homeschoolers’ Coalition (DHC) is a partnership of individuals and families.  Our goal is to serve and support you, the homeschooling family, by providing you with information about homeschooling in Delaware.



What Does DHC Do For You?

We are here to answer any questions you have about homeschooling in Delaware.  Our organization addresses many issues, including:


  • Homeschool law
  • Finding the right support group
  • Beginning homeschooling in Delaware


Delaware Homeschoolers’ Coalition News

Welcome to our website.  This is an organization dedicated to you and your family’s homeschooling rights.  We are here to inform and education, and serve as a support group for Homeschoolers in Delaware.




Home School Freedom Works!





Mission Statement






Homeschooling in Delaware


Legal & Legislative Information