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Mission Statement

The Delaware Homeschoolers’ Coalition, (hereinafter referred

to as “DHC”) is a partnership of individuals and families.   DHC promotes and protects the interests of Delaware homeschoolers through information and representation.  Membership in DHC is open to all actively-homeschooling families in the State of Delaware.


DHC is open to all homeschooling families regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.  We are an inclusive organization united in the cause of supporting parent-directed education and protecting the rights of parents to make decisions regarding the education of their children.  All homeschoolers’ interests are served. 


DHC is neutral in matters of religion, partisan politics, and non-homeschooling issues.


DHC’s board of directors is elected by membership.  All board members, editors, and officers are volunteers and currently homeschooling.  We provide a financial report annually for the members.


DHC monitors government on matters of importance to Delaware homeschoolers, from local school board policies to regulations and laws.  DHC lobbies all levels of government including the Delaware General Assembly.  DHC prefers communication to address education issues, and will make every effort to protect the rights of homeschoolers at all levels of the government.


DHC provides news, views, and information to Delaware homeschoolers.  DHC provides speakers to homeschool and other groups, and we provide spokespersons to news media.  DHC keeps its members informed through various means as appropriate, including regular e-mail, bulletins, and other special mailings.


DHC supports local homeschool organizations.  Local home education groups offer practical advice, friendship, and educational and social activities for children.  DHC encourages individual home educators to become part of shared-interest groups in your area, and provides a listing of such groups on our website.


DHC is committed to supporting and serving homeschoolers throughout the State of Delaware.




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