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Orangeburg DECA

What makes the Orangeburg Chapter so special

The Orangeburg Community for many years has boasted one of the greatest chapters not only statewide but internationally. This year is no exception, the Orangeburg Chapter of DECA plans to continue in there productive path by adding new members, increasing goals through effective sales projects, and broadening the service done throughout the community. The Orangeburg Chapter of DECA though growing and continuing in the same tradition has experienced a change. A changing of the guard not only the customary officer change, but also the passing of the torch for our advisor Mrs. Jane Knight over to Mr. Hurley Johnson. Mr. Johnson has proven to be a great fit for our chapter. With his guidance we plan to take the Orangeburg Chapter to the top of not only SC but the International totem pole. This year's Orangeburg Chapter is on its way to assuredly making history.

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