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The Flute Keeper
Hand Made Crafts

Buck Skin Quiver


Hand Made Flute

* A Wonderful Hand Made Quiver made with soft Buck Skin.

* 60 cm x 33 cm (fringes included)

* Brass balls and cones in all fringes.

* Precious Stones

Hand Made Cedar Flute

A one of a kind hand made flute by The Flute Keeper is included in this one of a life-time deal....

Plus, you will also get the Latest and NEW release of the flute keeper.


Euro: 380.00

Order Here:

All items shown are one of a kin and subject to sale in a first come first serve basis.

If you are interested in any of these please contact the above e mail address with your name and location.




(c) 2007 Gio - The Flute Keeper - de Carlo