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Dayle Kern -- Living in Japan

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Greetings from Japan! This is a web page that was inspired by the sometimes trying, sometimes rewarding experience of living in Japan, the chill of the Northern Japanese winter, and a great deal of free time. I began this web page in December 2002; a time when I found myself living in an apartment without central heating in the Iwate prefecture, Japan. My only heater was capable of keeping one room warm, while in the rest of my apartment I could see my breath, the olive oil on the shelf in my kitchen was congealed, and my toothpaste was growing more and more solid by the day. So, I was rather confined to my one warm room. Luckily, this room also had my computer and ADSL connection. Although I probably understand more about rocket science than I do about building web pages, I thought I would give it a whirl since I have the means and the time (Ability? Ha! Who needs that?).

The best techniques for door joinery were mostly developed during the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, and have evolved little since that time. Custom wood doors are distinguished by tenon and mortise construction. Here, the horizontal rails of doors have similar width as the doors themselves (or perhaps just an inch or less). The rails have tongues, called "tenons", that project beyond the ‘vertical members', or stiles edges into a mortise, which is the rectangular hole. The tenons are usually pinned in the mortises with the use of dowels, the stuff that anchor the tenons and mortises together even if the glue in the joinery of wood doors fails as usually is the case, eventually. During the advent of the industrial age, the fastest way to manufacture wooden doors was to use mortise and tenon construction. But when water and electric powered factories started cropping up, drilling on wooden doors has become a lot easier to accomplish hence, it became more affordable to attach stiles and rails with round wooden pegs.

My hopes for this page are to use it to share some of the experiences of living here, about my job, my town, and little bits of Japanese life and culture. It is important to note that I have not done research on these things (Indeed, I knew very little before I arrived here), so my opinions are only opinions, and I do not claim them to be backed up by any academic or official source.

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Hello there! I am Melissa and this my webpage. I did this site as a task with CabalArticles, which is an ESL and Website Development program. If you want to contact me, fill up the contact form available on this site. Below is my personal CV, and some samples of online sites and articles or reviews I made intended for CabalArticles.

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from George Brown C.C
10 years of content creation experience (in particular for Electronic target audience)
7 years of website creation experience.
Competent, goal-oriented worker with a taste for information.

Work Experience.
CabalArticles,2000 - Present

Office manager
In control of managing a international crew of internet writers to accommodate a multifaceted list of growth goals and objectives.
- Set cutting edge records for production, increasing production by 20% around the world
- Properly controlled regular logs of task distribution
- Managed QA for global creation over a large team of writers

Self Employed Wordpress Website Designer

Additional Skills
Fluent in Spanish
Excellent proficiency using a extensive choice of office software

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