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I'm guessing that Lycos would prefer that I start this ring homepage by stating that this is a wholly unofficial ring and that I have no affiliation with Lycos, Carnegie Mellon University or any subsidiary of either.

In the case of all of my rings, I screen applicants for quality, though in the case of this ring, I don't plan to screen especially harshly. What you present doesn't have to be a great, award winning site, but it does have to show some sign that you made an effort. Don't turn in one of those sites that shows a picture of your kids feeding your chihuaha, a list of your favorite links, and a thank you note for visiting your site. Give the visitor a reason to be glad he came, or at least try.

Sites on this ring (aside from a handful intoduced by the ringmaster for administrative purposes) must be located on Tripod, Angelfire, or some other homepage provider run by Lycos, should one exist. (As I start this ring, I have to introduce a few non-Lycos sites for the ring to have the required 4 or more sites as per policy; if and when I get more applicants, I may be able to move more toward the ideal of having nothing but Lycos based sites). Right now, I don't know of any others, but if there are, please feel free to let me know about it.

I assume that it goes without saying that applicants will be expected to abide by the Lycos TOS. No, I won't turn you in if you are violating it, but I also won't allow you to stay on the ring or return to it if you ignore those rules, unless you can convince me that you made an honest mistake - and I'm a very hard sell. I guess that covers it, so let's go to the ring, now.

Homepage for Lycos Homepage Ring: Tripod, Angelfire and elsewhere
Lycos Homepage Ring
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