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Ringsurf has an annoying quirk. Even after a ringmaster formally closes a ring, the Ringsurf system will still let a would-be applicant fill out the form for joining the now closed ring. What it won't do is let him submit it - hit tht button, and all one gets for one's time and trouble is an error message and frustration. Yes, I've formally closed the ring, but not because I don't want applicants. I do. The ring is closed because applications are few and far between, so instead of running the risk of leaving applicants pending for years, the way some ringmasters do, I'm telling them how they can hunt me down and ask me to open the ring for them - which for a good site, I'll almost certainly be delighted to do.

What you need to do is sign up for my ring management list, mention your site in a post and tell me that you'd like to join this ring. Please specify which ring you wish to join, as I run more than one. I'll take a look at it and if I'm interested, I'll open the ring for you. If you've done all of that and I've invited you to join, then let's continue and get your site on this ring.