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::For weeks now the wrestling industry has suffered a blow to it's fan base the moment Raven left the scene. He was the center of attention before he took off. Once he chose to quit NWA-TNA his choices were limited. Would he return to wrestling? Or instead, simply turn his back and focus on other career goals? The answer was simple for Raven, the fans love him, he's got support, although it's uneeded. He is a highly credited athlete who's got the most potential. How could he let down all those precious fans who look up to him? Wrestling is in Raven's blood, it will always remain as a thriving force for him, which explains his comeback, only to bring the fans who've followed him thus far over to WWEV2. Which was the definite reason the owners of WWEV2 wanted Raven, they know his capabilities, which are astounding to even the most abnoxious wrestling critic. They know that Raven isn't one to slack up when it comes to putting everything on the line, which was one of the bigger reasons Raven decided to comeback to the wrestling industry and join none other then WWEV2, his signing bonus was one of the largest in Wrestling history when he signed with WWEV2. Needless to say the amount they're paying him on top of that. One thing is for sure, Raven will be a highly accomplished superstar in the WWEV2, and there are no if's and's or but's about it::

End foreword

scene one

.:. Scene .:.

-.:Your scene opens up to the Staples Center, the show is barely getting back from it's last commercial break and the time is right before the main event. Creed's "Who's Got My Back" has just ended the fans are on their feet, giving the newest arrvial to WWE V2 a standing ovation, the arena is constantly chanting Raven's name, until Raven shows his superiority by rasing his arm to silence just about everyone, minus the die-hard Raven fans. Raven takes a moment to think how he's gonna start this one off .:.

://CM Punk\\: I'm here, I've found my true calling, the opportunity was knocking at my door and I took it in. Your looking at the newest addition to the WWE V2. I'm sure some of you in the back are pissing yourselves now that you see the competition standing out here in this here ring. Then again, I don't blame you one bit. If I was in your situation, I'd be getting a plane ticket out of the country by now. Realistically though, I'm not about to roll over and let you walk all over me, I intend to do the opposite. Each of you are now at my mercy, that is if I even have any to begin with. Your looking at possibly the first Heavyweight champion of WWE V2, hell, I'll even let you people bet your life savings and investments on that one. Your little stroll in the park has now become a living nightmare, Which neither of you will survive. If you think you were on the top before I arrived, consider yourself on the bottom, cause there is only room for one man at the top, who is the most aggressive, most brutal, deceiving, and blood thirsty animal, and nobody tops that better then Raven.

Raven here is on a quest, which is to get to the very top of the peddestal as quickly as possible, and yet as much punishment that is humanly endurable. Whatever I take in, I'll be handing back out three times as harsh. I want the best there is here in WWE V2 to issue a challenge to Raven, and make a fool of himself by actually accepting your fate, which I hold in my hands. I'm one of those guys who is willing to work for his bread, I don't expect for something to be thrown my way, and of course I do not bite the hand that feeds me. There is only one true champion, and only one Raven, those two tie-in hand in hand. They are meant to be stated in the same sentence: "Raven, the WWE Version 2 Heavyweight Champion."

I've been hired for a reason, that purpose is to prove once again that Raven is no joke, in fact each of you will become the laughing stock of the WWEV2. I will be the locker room leader who each of you will look up to, and I might consider taking some of you under my wing. That is only if you show that your good for it. Now I'm sure that some thick headed, egotistical maniac will come out here later and run their mouth about how Raven isn't what he says he is, well I could care less what these people think, say or do, their opinions don't matter, for each of you in those seats know what Raven is all about. I know what I'm about, and every letter of every word is true, sure actions speak louder then words, which was the reason I issued a challenge to anybody in the back. At the next Raw you will see that you've got yourself into a pool of quicksand and you'll be sinking lower and lower until you've felt the Evenflow!

Let me note that I am what I claim to be, the superior superstar, who will put you in your place in the blink of an eye. Raven is above every single one of you, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. Without a doubt, I will show you all that nothing can stand in my way, I will fullfill my quest, my destiny. No man holds my future in their hands, except God and myself. It will take more then a miracle and a prayer to get through a match with me, of course I'll leave you within one inch of your life, so you will be able to tell your grandchildren about the beatdown Raven handed you, your all about to experience an effect that is like no other. The Raven Effect will be in full force next week on Raw. Each of you can learn from your defeats against Raven, hopefully if your a smart one, you'll see that you were never a match for Raven in the first place, and you should've kept your brown nose out of my business.

One question remains, who will be the first to put themselves in a predicament such as that one? Whoever it may be, just be aware that the picture will turn out to be a negative on your part. It will be an unforgettable experience that cannot be ignored. I will literally leave an impression on you that will be stuck in the back of your head for times to come. Raven is out to get each of you, I'm here to end you people, show that you aren't all what your cracked up to be. It will be pitiful, on the fact that you've talked a talk so large that the word bank is overflowing, and it's time for Raven to cash in. I wish I could offer you guys some advice, but that is just impossible, cause Raven is unstoppable when he's in his zone. The ring is my zone, it's my territorial mark. All I can say is, I hope your all ready for the unmerciful tactics of Raven, there is no stopping progress. I'll see you next week at Raw.

.:. End Scene .:.

- The scene ends with "Who's Got Your Back" playing over the loud speakers as Raven tosses the mic to the outside and signs a few autographs for the fans before making his way to the back, the show then cuts to a commercial break..: