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Thanks to a generous grant from the Proctor & Gamble Company ...

The Independence Elementary

Robot Club

is now forming!

The Robot Club will offer your child an opportunity to learn how to build and program robots by combining creativity, design, logic, and problem-solving skills. Directed by parent/engineer volunteers and supervised by the gifted specialist, we will be using the classroom versions of the LEGO Mindstorms Systems and RoboLab software.

Starting in January 2004, the Robot Club will begin meeting for 1 hours once-a-week for eight weeks at the school. (Thursdays 4-5:30 & Thursdays 6-7:30) These fun sessions will introduce the children to the elements of robot construction: motors, gears, sensors, structural considerations, and programming.

In August 2004, the Robot Club will register one or two teams for the First Lego League (FLL) Competition. The children who wish to be on a competition team would begin meeting for innovation sessions from late September to November, twice-a-week for 2 hours at the school -- a major time commitment -- but well worth it. After all their hard work, they get to put their robot to the test at a local tournament event, possibly advancing to a state tournament!

If you have any questions, please contact:

Mrs. Ritz (755-8300, or Dina Clyde (759-9230,