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Slainte..... An ciuin tine ocras oraibh.

Welcome to the Ciuin Oraibh Website.

An ciuin tine ocras oraibh.

These are gaelic words which translate to 'the fire burning quietly within.' The land of Temuair which we call home is a sorrowful place. Aislings feel great sorrow over trivial matters such as the desire for material goods, positions of honour, the loss of a political race, death ((loss of all tailored/blessed items, money, and the addition of a death legend mark)), etc. Aislings feel sorrow over trivial matters because they use their energy incorrectly. Sorrow is caused by an aisling's own doing. Sorrow can be prevented by rejecting anger, jealousy, laziness, greed, pride, gluttony, and lust.

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The way of a ciuin aisling is reserved, willing to give of itself to send energy to the gods. How do the gods gain energy? All beings have an energy supply. Plants grow from a food source in their roots, and when the source is used up, they wither and die. Creatures have energy which can be sucked from them by skills which aislings can learn. Aislings have energy which is bright and active. The gods give energy to aislings freely.

What are some ways that an aisling can give energy back to the gods?

One can conserve energy through physical restraint. Needless talking, shouting, assailing; these are actions which prevent fluent flow of energy from the aisling to the gods.

Items are burnt as offerings in the altar located in the center of Mileth. These items disappear forever. The gods suck this energy back into their realm.

When an aisling becomes of the 99th insight they are able to ascend into the realm of the gods and trade their accumulated energy, built up in the form of numerical units of experience, for passive energy which can be put to work. This passive energy is physical health ((hit points)) and mana ((magic ability)).

Go here to see a list of quests that council members may send you on. The energy expended to complete the quests is an offering to the gods, and you will be awarded with guild ranks for completing them. A list of demotions can be found here also, and you may have to perform certain quests to recover your guild standing.

Please view the Ciuin Oraibh Tablets.
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