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An important message has been posted on the forums by yours truly. Please go and read it over quickly. :)

Good hunting, my friends!

NOTE!: I have moved the PK Fight Night back a couple of hours due to time inconvience to others. But, still, be ready and well prepared by 8PM EST :) We will go then. Sorry for any troubles, and see you on the battlefield.

Have you ever wanted to go PK? If so, I sincerely suggest you check out the Events section...

Updated screenshots, and a few roster additions/modifications... now goto the Events section!

Hail everyone! Very, very sorry for my lack of presence lately... I haven't played very much the past month, but that's soon to change. :) I updated the roster, but it may not be accurate (took a guess at many of the levels). So, if there's something wrong on it, e-mail me with the changes. As I said, I should be back and playing full-tilt-boogie within the next week or two. :) I'm looking forward to getting back full-time.

That's it for now, good hunting my friends!

It's been brought to my attention that our current mule spot is frequently visited, and has just as much traffic as the old mule spot. So, I lay down a challenge for everyone. Instead of me just picking a place and telling everyone to go there (we all know how that worked out...), I ask that you all head over to the Morningthaw Forum and take place in the discussion on where The Knights of Bloodlusts should call home!

Also, I'm getting a new PC this weekend (YAHOO!) so I won't be able to do the Frost Quest as planned. For sure though we'll be heading there next weekend, look for a signup next week.

That's it for now, good hunting folks!

NOTE: Coords to the new mule spot were bogus, correct coords are 75.7S/20.4E! Sorry for any confusion or mules dying to try to get to the new spot.

To relieve boredom, a great family event has been posted on the Events section! So head over there and get the details; you won't wanna miss out on this!

Roster updates are getting down more frequently, so let me know if you want a change made.

That's it for now, good hunting!

Important notice!! Sorry, I gave the wrong coords! Make note of the coords now, these are the CORRECT ones. Due to the traffic by our old mule spot, I have moved my mules over to 75.7S/20.4E, just south of our current spot. I encourage everyone who has their mules at the old spot to move them. It's become a risk now to mule up goods, and I personally have had too many close encounters with thieves at our current spot. So, for my safe muling and your safe muling, lug those slow suckers over to the new spot. This spot will also be the meeting place for quests/events/gatherings/etc, and yes, it does have a big rock :)

That's it for now, sorry for any inconvience. Good hunting all, and safe muling!

Big congrats to all who obtained thier Acid Stone last weekend! We were in and out of that Vault in excellent time, and only had one casualty. Look for information on the next Stone quest in the next update.

The Blood Mule and Family Meetings are coming shortly! I'll be finalizing out the details in the next few days, so if you have any items you don't need but think someone else in the family could use, set them aside.

In a few days, The Knights of Bloodlust will be losing thier finest spearsman: Lecaille. Due to troubles with money, he's been forced to cancel his subscription. I'd like to just wish Lecaille the very best in whatever he does, and hope that he keeps in touch with the family. You'll be missed by all, Lecaille! Head over to the Morningthaw forum to check out his farewell message.

That's it for now, good hunting everyone!

Hail! Quick and small update. There's a new quest posted, so head on over to the Quests section and check out the details!

Keep sending in that Roster information! Also, take note that I'd like you to please submit your patron's name and any *playing* vassals you have. Please, no mules or dormant characters.

Orean shot out some quests a while ago on the Morningthaw forum, and I'd like to hear what quests you'd all like to do! So many choices, and so many great ones! Head over to the Quests forum and give me an idea of what quest you'd like to do in the future.

Also, the idea has been proposed by Crown Royal that we would have a bi-weekly family meeting. Basically a chance for folks to meet new folks, introduce new family members, trade items or just to chat away. Opinions on this idea are wanted, and if I get positive feedback, details and arrangements will be made to have meetings. So let us know your thoughts on the Morningthaw Forum!

That's it for now, good hunting!

Happy New Year everyone! I look forward to spending all of 2001 with everyone and all the great times to come!

There's a poll going on the Quests Forum. The poll is to decide which Atlan Stone the family would like to go on next, so head over and cast your vote!

New things happen in Dereth every day, so I'd love to see some of the screenshots you take! Simply e-mail or ICQ me your screenshot with a title to it, and it'll be put up on the Screenshots section right away (please convery your .BMP files to .JPG to save file space).

My thanks goes out to everyone who helped me achieve Rank 5 again, it shows how great our family works as a team.

That's all for now, good hunting my friends!

Hail! Welcome to the new Knights of Bloodlust website! This is an ideal place where the family can converse ideas, trade items, and help family members.

The Roster is a list of all of Knights of Bloodlust family members, thier level, and a small description of thier character(s). Please send in your roster info to Arthur, and it'll get up on the roster ASAP (Send name, level, class and a small description of your character).

The Quests section is the place to go if you're looking for information on family quests. Times, dates, meeting places and any required materials for a particular quest will be listed there.

The Events section is simply for tournaments/meetings/etc that anyone would like post for the family to participate in.

The Stories section is where one can express thier roleplaying side by spinning a tale about a hunt, quest or simply exploration in the vast world of Dereth. I encourage you all to submit stories, long or short, for posting. Simply e-mail Arthur your story, and it'll be posted right away.

The Forum is a message board where family members can converse on new additions to the game, set-up quests, or trade items amongst the family. Use it a lot; it's an extremely useful way to communicate with the family!

When the Blood Mule section is completed, information will be posted about how it works.

The Contacts section is where to go if you're looking for a family member's e-mail/ICQ/etc information. Use it if you're trying to get a hold of a family member, but they're not on AC.

That's it, check back the site for any updates - and we'll see you all in Dereth!

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