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Chapter 14 - Confession

This has happened...

Forrester Creations is blown up on Massimo´s order to kill Eric. But unaware that Stephanie and Brooke is also in there, the house explodes with the three of them inside. Eric gets out, thinking he´s alone in there. Stephanie and Brooke is hurt in her office. Stephanie manages to pull Brooke out to safety and they are rescued. Morgan turns out to be Massimo´s daughter. Deacon and Amber together again, plots to take little Eric away from Rick. Greg tells Taylor that he´s telling Brooke the truth, that he was payed by her to romance Brooke.

Part 14...

Ridge was in his car on his way home from the store. He had been, by the request of Thomas, been there to pick up some ice-cream. He had gladly done it. Ridge had to admit that he loved taking care of three wonderful children. Something he couldn´t have imagined to do before marring Caroline. The first true love of his life. He sometimes thought of Caroline. He missed her still. But he knew she was up there in heaven somewhere, looking down on him once in a while. Suddenly the phone rang. He picked it up as he slowed down the speed. It was Eric.

”Dad? What´s the matter?”, he asked as he heared his father´s unstabil voice.

”There´s been an explosion at Forrester.”, Eric told his son.

”What? How bad is it?”, Ridge pulled aside from the road so he could think straight.

”We survived. No one but me, Stephanie and Brooke was there when it happened”

”Mother and Brooke? How are they?”, Ridge was very worried.

”Your mother should be fine. She just needs to inhale some oxygen and she´ll be okay. I don´t know about Brooke yet. She´s been unconscious since the explosion. She´s stabil, that´s all we know. Want to come down here? Cedars hospital.”

”I´ll be right there”, Ridge said as they hung up and Ridge turned the car around and headed to the hospital.

Massimo was getting impatient. He hadn´t heared anything in quite a while now. He hoped everything would be as he had planned. But the whole operation was risky and could go wrong. On one, except for Eric were to have been injured or killed. And finally, the phone rang.

”Hallo? Davies?”, he answered.

”It´s me. Listen, I´m very sorry but things didn´t go as planned.”

”WHAT do you mean? What happened?”

”Well, it seems that 2 other people was inside as the building exploded aside from Eric.”

”Who? If you say Stephanie was hurt so help you God!”

”But she survived...”, Davies quickly said to protect his own skin.

”Damn you, Davies! How incompetant could you get? I told you NOT to take ANY risks here. Who was the other one? And what about Eric?”, Massimo yelled.

”The other person was Brooke Logan. She is alive and at a hospital. But so is Eric. He survived with only minor scratches.”

”What a fiasco! I hold you personally responisble. You will pay! Believe me you will pay! Could you tell me at least how Stephanie is doing?”

”She´s okay. She just went to the hospital for observation. Listen, there´s no harm done. Everyone survived. With God´s help. You should have seen it. The whole building is gone.”

”I don´t care about that, Idiot! Just make absolute sure that this won´t link back to me. All right?”, Massimo angrily hung up the phone.

In her hospitalroom, Brooke was attached to all kinds of machines. A heartmonitor among them. And an IV. She was unconscious still and had bandages a little all over her body. And cuts and bruices. Just what she needed... Outside the room a little longer down the corridor was Eric waiting for Stephanie to come out of the bathroom. She had inhaled oxygen for a few minutes and thereafter had released herself from the hospital despite doctor´s wished for her to stay the night for observation. Stephanie hated hospitals and the thought of a needle coming near her freaked her out. She was forced to however. She had a deep cut on her head that had needed a few stiches. As soon as it was done, she had wanted to be released. And now she was. She came out of the bathroom with an aching head after the sowing but nothing she couldn´t live with for a few hours. She met her husband outside. Eric hugged her carefully as he was relieved to see that she was okey. She had barely sunk the whole thing in. She was just glad that Eric wasn´t dead. The most horrible minutes of her life had been when she had got the door opened and seen Eric´s office in flames, knowing she had left him there. Now, she really didn´t want to think about any of it. Her mind was blocking it out more and more and her heart didn´t let her feel all emotions. One could think she was emotionally blocked.

”Have you heard anything on Brooke?”, she asked Eric.

”No. Not yet.”

”Come on. Let´s find out.”

Stephanie took his hand and pulled him with her. They stopped infront of the informationdesk.

”How is Brooke Logan doing?”, Stephanie asked the nurse behind the desk.

”Are you family?”, she asked. A question Stephanie wanted to answer with a no.

”Yes, she´s part of the family”, she answered. The nurse checked her computer but it hadn´t been updated yet.

”I´m sorry, but you´ll have to talk to her doctor. I can have him paged if you like to meat with him now”.

”You do that, thank you”, Eric answered as Detective Valez headed their way.

”What owes us this pleasant visit?”, Stephanie sarcastically asked him.

”We heared about the explosion. Stephanie Forrester, you are under arrest.” he told her.

”Is this some kind of joke? It´s not very funny. Our family has just gone through a catastrophe. I could sue you for harrasments...”

”And I could throw you in jail for attempted murder.”, Valez told her.

”Stop it. What is this supposed to mean? Is it the kidnapping again?”, Eric asked Valez.

”As I told you before, we´ve heared about the explosion and have reasons to believe that your wife was behind it.”

Stephanie chuckled of bisbelief.

”That´s absurd. Why would she want to blow herself up? Or didn´t you know that she was inside as well?”, Eric was outraged.

”I don´t know.. You have tried to kill Ms Logan before. Maybe even kidnapping too. And maybe, just maybe, you made a mistake and misjudged the time before the building exploded.”

”This is insane! My husband was in there as well. I certainly don´t want him dead. And I would never damage Forrester creations. So, why don´t you go back to that tiny desk in your so called office and concentrate on other BETTER things.”

”I suggest that too. But before you leave, what makes you think the explosion was set? Isn´t it possible that it was an accident?”, Eric wondered.

”We don´t know until we get a full report on it. But we´re not taking any chances this time.”

”You know you can´t arrest me without solid proof... So why is it that you´re trying? It´s obvious that you don´t like me, why arrest me all the time? If you despise me so much, you´d think the last thing you want is me around the policestation.”

”Oh, I enjoy having you there... In a cell, where you belong.”

”What´s your problem? I have done nothing to you. Whatever... Are you going to arrest me or what?”

”No... I´ll wait until I have my proof. And Mrs. Forrester, don´t skip town.”, Valez smiled and left.

”Some nerve that guy have! He shouldn´t be a cop. He belongs better as a prisonwarden at Alcatraz.”, Stephanie said as she shook her head.

”Don´t let him get to you. He´s just a cop who thinks his above the law. They won´t be able to prove anything since there is nothing to prove. Just that it was all an accident”, Eric said that last sentance like he was unsure of it himself. The fact was that he didn´t know if it was an accident at all. An explosion like that just doesn´t happen without a reason. And he had his suspisions about that reason.

Ridge talked through the door and went over to his parents. Gave them both a tight hug.

”Any word on Logan?”, he asked worridly.

”Not yet. We´re waiting for the doctor. He should be here any moment.”, Stephanie answered him.

”Have you called Rick and Bridget?”, Ridge asked them as he checked out the scar on his mother´s head.

”Bridget is on her way. I couldn´t get hold of Rick. But Helen were to give him the message as soon as he comes home.”, Eric answered as Thorne and Kristen entered.

”Thank God you´re all right”, they said to their parents and also asked about Brooke. They answered their questions on what had happened and about how they were doing as a tall and dark man in a doctor´s coat walked over to them. He shook their hands as he was presented to them.

”I´m Doctor Burton, I took care of Ms Logan when she arrived. Her condition is stabil. But she is still unconscious. We expect her to wake up any moment. And then we can tell if she has suffered some braindamage. I was told that she was exposed to heavy smoke from the fire for approximately 20-25 minutes. Is that correct?”, he asked them to comfirm.

”Something like that. I can´t be sure.”, Eric, who was the only one of them who could tell the time. Stephanie had been unconscios from time to time and couldn´t tell how long she had been in there. But her guess would have been several hours. That´s what it had felt like.

The doctor wrote something in the chart and continued.

”Ms. Logan has burndamage on her right foot. Not too serious at all. I should think her body will take care of it herself. And also some minor burns on her left arm and leg. I decided against plastic sergery since it isn´t so bad. It will heal in time. No futher notes. And please, I only want 2 people there in the time. I have to get going. Any questions right now?”

”No”, they all answered.

”If anything, have me paiged or give me a call.”, he said as he turned around to answer an alarm.

”Do you mind if I go in alone?”, Ridge asked the others. No one minded and Ridge walked in.

Brooke was still lying unconscious in her bed as Ridge walked over to her side. He took her hand in his and gently caressed her forehead.

”Oh, Logan... I´m so sorry. Please wake up. We need you. We all need you. Rick and Bridget. And I... I need you. We´re a team, remember? Like in Big bear when you gave birth to Bridget. You were so strong and willing then. And you have to be now too. And if I know you like I think, you will wake up right about now...”, Ridge said to her. But she didn´t wake up. Ridge stayed for a few more minutes by her side, just caressing her cheak up and down and up again. Then he realized he wasn´t the only one who wanted to visit her and decided to go out. As he closed in to the door, Brooke suddenly twitched. Ridge turned around. She wasn´t awake yet, but she was on her way. And then...

”Greg... Greg...”, Brooke moaned to Ridge´s surprise. Greg?

Ridge went out feeling a little hurt. That she called out another man´s name and not his. And who was this Greg anyway?

”She´s beginning to wake up”, he informed the others. Bridget, who had just arrived went over to hug her halfbrother for comfort. Then she went into her mother´s hospitalroom.

Morgan called Massimo once again...

”Morgan, sweetheart... I told you that I have everything under control. Relax.”, Massimo informed her daughter.

”I just want to know what you have planned. Please tell me!”

”I told you, I can´t. But I have big plans. You will get everything you want and more. I promise.”

”Fine. What do you intend to do with Stephanie? You know, I still can´t believe you love, none the less like, that witch. After everything she did to me!”

”Stop whining, Morgan. You sound just like your mother. Stephanie did not ‘force’ you to have an abortion. She simply adviced you to it. You were the one who did it. You know, you have enlargened this skyhigh. It wasn´t that bad. Believe me, I remember. And yes, I love Stephanie. And no matter how you feel about it, she is going to be your stepmother.”

”Allow me to puke”

”Do as you wish. I have to get going now, relax Morgan. Talk to you later.”, Massimo ordered his daughter and hung up the phone.

Rick had been out for dinner with a girl from his school. Miranda. He hadn´t had his cellular phone with him. He didn´t wanted to be interrupted on his date. This was the first real date he had had in a long time. And he enjoyed it. Miranda was a sweet and funny girl. Same age as he. With her shoulder long auburn hair and blue sparkling eyes, she was the most beautiful girl Rick had ever layed eyes on. Amber was forgotten. Now, after the date, he looked forward to spending the rest of the night with his son. He went to the mainhouse to get him. Helen had been babysitting Eric during his night out.

”What hospital?”, Rick asked Helen as she told him about the accident. Helen told him where his family was as Rick took Eric in his arms.

”Would you mind watching him a little longer?”, he asked Helen.

”No. Of course not. I love spending time with him. You go.”, she replied.

Rick rushed out of the house and got into his car and drove off. He didn´t notice that Amber and Deacon was hiding in the bushes, waiting for him to leave.

”Thank God for that accident. We have our chance now!”, Amber was excited. This was probably the most dangerous thing she had ever done. She was very excited. She had put her feelings for Rick aside. Eric was more important to her. And no one would keep them apart! No one.

”Okay, let´s go inside.”, Deacon said as he made sure everyone was gone except for Helen and Eric.

Amber and Deacon went up to the door and knocked at it. Helen came to open and sighed as she saw them.

”What do you want? You are not allowed here anymore.”, she told them.

”Maybe not. But I do have rights to my son and we want to visit him now.”, Deacon told her and they went inside.

”I should call Rick”, Helen said aloud.

”No you should not. Little Deacon is MY son. Not Rick´s. He has no rights to that boy. I could get a court order...”, Deacon threatened.

”We just want to see him. Quickly. Just for a few minutes. Please...”, Amber begged.

”I guess that would be all right.”, Helen gave into them.

”Thank you, Helen. You´re an angel...”, Amber smiled at her.

The three of them went to the livingroom where Eric sat in the floor with a toytruck. Amber went to him and picked him up, giving him a huge hug. Eric enjoyed it. He loved Amber. She was his mother to him...

”Do you mind leaving us alone for a few minutes?”, Deacon asked Helen looking at her like their meating with Eric was private and none of her business.

”Just for a few minutes”, Helen said as she went to the kitchen.

”Perfect... Let´s get going. We haven´t got all night.”, Deacon whispered to Amber as they quickly left the mansion with Eric.

Brooke had regained her consciousness and was sitting up in bed talking to Rick and Bridget. The others had left the hospital. It was getting late and visiting hours were soon over. Rick kissed his mother´s forehead and excused himself. He wanted to get home to put Little Eric to bed. Bridget was left.

”Mom... I hope you don´t mind... I called Greg.”, she confessed.

”You did? No, I don´t mind. That´s very sweet of you.”, Brooke smiled. She got warm inside just thinking about him. It amazed her how fast she had fallen for him after Ridge. Greg was on her mind all the time. She didn´t notice, but she was blushing. Bridget didn´t tell her, she just found it cute. Her mother in love with the nicest guy that WASN´T a Forrester. She prayed it would last. She only wanted happiness for her mother.

Suddenly, Greg knocked at the door and slightly opened it.

”May I come in?”, he asked as Bridget got up from her chair.

”I´m going home. Mom, I´ll be back tomorrow morning. I love you”, Bridget said as she hugged Brooke.

”I love you too sweetie”, Brooke told Bridget as she left. Greg went over to Brooke.

”I´m so releaved that you are okay. You are okay, right?”

”I´m not ready to party all night, but yes, I´m fine considering the circumstances. It´s so sweet of you to come by.”, Brooke smiled.

”Listen, I´m very happy that you are okay. Believe me! And I would have brought you flowers, but I decided not to. I don´t think you would want them after what I came here to tell you.”, Greg said as he looked awfully remorseful.

”What is it?”, Brooke was worried.

”I wasn´t going to tell you this, but I feel like I have to. I like you way too much to go one decieving you. Well, I love you way too much. You see, I didn´t plan to fall for you. But I have and that´s why I need to tell you. I was payed to romance you.”, he finally confessed.

”What??”, Brooke was devastated. ”By who?”

”I think you can figure that out...”

”Taylor? Taylor payed you to make me fall for you?”, Brooke felt awful... used...

”Yes. I owed her a favor and this was how she wanted me to repay you. I am so sorry, Brooke. But that´s the truth. I think you deserve to know. And now you do...”

”Get out of here! Now!”, Brooke screamed enraged at him. Greg stood up. Looked sympathetical at her and did as she wished. As he was gone, Brooke broke down in tears.

”Damn you, Taylor! You´re not getting away with this! I´ll destroy you!”