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Cellar Door Coffee & Music.

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 - S T A F F  -

Justin Markert - co-owner
    Favorite Bands - Ryan Adams, Jeff Buckley, Refused, Glassjaw, Rival
                              Schools, pearljam, planes mistaken for stars, xela etc.

    Favorite Books - Survivor/Choke by Chuck Paluhnuik, High Fidelity/How to
                              be good by Nick Hornby, Anything by Kerouac or Salinger.

    Musical paths - Singer/songwriter of Swimming with Angels, Drummer for
                             "Fortility Hollis." Lead guitarist for PMC.


Rick Fike - co-owner
Favorite Bands - Counting Crows, Ryan Adams, Matt Nathanson, Sublime,
                                David Gray, Howie Day, Mike Doughty, Gin Blossoms.

     Favorite Books - ?

     Musical Paths - Drummer for PMC, Occasional drummer for Swimming 
                              with Angels, Aspiring bass player.

Mike Schiberl - Co-owner - profile coming soon.

Nate Miller - Co-owner - profile coming soon


Under Construction.

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