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Cellar Door Coffee & Music.

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October 7th, 2003 -

We are pleased to announce the forming of Cellar Door Records. Our first release will be a compilation CD with some of our favorite artists including The Wood and Wires, Swimming with Angels, No Reply, Xela and Ten Cent Glamour. The CD will be released at our show on the 25th of October. It will be the first of many upcoming releases.

In other news, we will be hosting a Halloween Party on Friday October 31st at 10pm. Costumes are encouraged.

Miranda Sound, an extremely talented band from Columbus OH will be opening up for Xela on November 1st. Your attendance is encouraged. They're on the road promoting their indie label release so they can use as much support as they can get.


August 15th, 2003 -

Things are in full swing at Cellar Door. We had an amazing turnout at our grand opening last week. Our open mic nights seem to be becoming quite popular as well. If you want show your stuff, open mic night is on Tuesdsay nights and it starts at 9 roughly.

The Leo/Xela show was postponed due to scheduling conflicts. But as soon as we get a new date situated we'll update our calander.

Cellar Door will be releasing a small scale monthly publication to showcase the talents of local writers. If you write fiction our prose or whatever, and would like your work to be considered. Please email it to or you can drop a disk off at the shop.

 - jm

Press Release: June 22nd, 2003.

Justin Markert, most known as the singer/songwriter from the solo-acoustic project "Swimming With Angels" and Rick Fike, drummer of the post grunge out fit "Pitted Moonshine Cherries" will be opening a new establishment in July. It will be located in the historic Madison Village. (30 min east of cleveland)

Cellar Door Coffee & Music will be a combination of many things: show venue, coffee shop, indie record store, art gallery.

We want cellar door to stand as a forum for major promotion of the arts. We will have shows on Fri/Sat as well as open mic on tuesday. We will have late night showings of some of the best mainstream and indie films on a giant projection screen once a month. We will feature the works of various local painters on our walls.

We aren't cutting corners in any area. The decor/atmosphere is very top notch and inviting. The staff is always pleasant and friendly and most importantly the mix for performers will be great.

We are doing this for many reasons. On a personal level we feel that there is a multitude of great talents out there in certain genres that just doesn't have a voice in the local scene. We feel that there aren't a lot of places for indie rockers/pop-rockers/singer-songwriters alike to play.

If you would like to book a show at Cellar Door Coffee and Music please refer to the booking section.

We hope to see you all soon.

Justin Markert & Rick Fike -  co-owners



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