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Cellar Door Coffee & Music.

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     Q. What is Cellar Door?
A. Cellar Door is many things. We strive to be a platform for the expression of the
                   arts. In it's many forms Cellar Door is a Coffee Shop, Music Venue,  Record
                   label, Art Gallery and publisher.

     Q. Can i book my band to play there?
A. Yes. You can. There are instructions on the contact page.  But there's more to
                  be being a musician than just getting your band booked. You have to work for
                  success. Promote your shows. Let as many people know about it as possible.
                  The harder you work on the business aspect of things the more venues will be
                  willing to work with you. We promote our shows like crazy but a lot of venues
                  don't. It's just as much the artists responsibility as it is the venues if not more
                  so. We know, We're musicians too.

     Q. Are you hiring?
 A. No. But we are accepting donations.

     Q. Where did you get your name?
A. One of our favorite movies is Donnie Darko. If you haven't seen it go rent it. On
                   second thought, go buy it. Trust us. There is a scene in the movie where a
                   teacher says that Edgar Allen Poe says that "Cellar Door" is the most beautiful
                   combination of words in the english language.

     Q. Tell me more about this record label.
A. Cellar Door Records doesn't cater to one specific genre. Instead we will open
                   the ears and minds of listeners by showcasing the many varied talents that
                   Northeast Ohio has to offer. Our first release will be cleverly titled "Cellar Door
                   vol. 1" and it will feature such talented acts as The wood and wires,
                   Swimming with Angels, Xela, No reply, and Ten Cent Glamour.



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