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Dedications continued

The vipers and my new buddy

Ive known Amanda since highschool, and now were about as close as we could be. Shes such a dedicated friend. Always loyal, respectful, caring, and espeshally encouraging..which I need. Jessica is her sister and over the last few months we have become really good friends too. Its like I got a new sister. And then theres cheesecake... who is quickly becoming one of the family.

My Hero!

This is Dave the lead singer of Flogging Molly. My favorite band. One would think "Oh isnt that cute the singer for her favorite band is her hero." Well its more than that. Daves lyrics and music make my blood run. Its that crazy Irish blood that gets me into so much trouble. Whenever I thought I couldnt do something, Or I wasnt going to make it through a situation I would listen to his music, and I would start to feel better right away. I got the honor of meeting him a few months ago when the band came to town and played at First Ave. That show was the third time I had seen them in Person. Little did I know that would be the day I would get to be face to face with the person responsible for saving my life. He was so touched by the impact his work has made on me he was moved to tears. I will NEVER forget that night...

The picture

This obviously is the picture I took with Dave. 2 Crazy Irish fools are we. Fresh from 3 hours in the pit am I....