Piece #13
Wordcount 868
Copyright 2004 C.E.

THE light was impossibly brilliant. So brilliant that nothing short of a godís eyes would be able to penetrate its deafening glean. Then the explosion shot forth and deep shades of crimson rouge permeated the eternity. Solid barriers were breached without a momentís thought as rounded globes of near golden purity poured forth into eternityís birth.

A dull thrum, almost a heartbeat, echoed throughout the chaos, heightening the tension of new realities being forged. In time to the beat, the golden globes began spinning and dancing. Their new rhythm caused their form to twist. The twisting broke the globes in two and new orbs were formed from the olden globes. Then, they too shot forth breaking new barriers having been created out of the nothing.

Yellow hues and blue hues came into being. Beyond the beyond hung the darkened matters of an unseen eternity. Forever through the haze of distance, many globes flew, distancing themselves from one another. Causing great rifts in the vast matrix of the forever. Yet, renewing their resolve to create a single, solid force bent on unifying that vast forever.

Through the forever, flowed a great stream of a new variation of the deep crimson. It reflected within the sheen of the racing globes. Their mission was critical. One oversight, one miscalculation and the entirety of the whole was sacrificed and wasted.

Then there came a threat. It was not the globes of those who knew. It was deformed and misshapen. It had appendages of evil intent. It was legion. And legion was as forever as the darkness was vast.

Golden globes summoned the creatures of the light. And they came in hurried unison to devour the greedy legion intent on smiting the forever. Eons seemed to pass as the chaotic war continued in endless abandon. Forever and legion fought as starved predators lacking prey and both were fierce.

However, the endless forever and its warriors of the light were the stronger of the two parrying forces and eradicated the legion, banishing it to the endless abodes of the unknown. Now, it was that the endless forever could continue its journey and forge a unified forever.

Liquid flowed suddenly within the forever. A conscience listened intently to the beat of the eternity of the forever. Air drowned in the liquid of a new eternity rose up in globules of their own floating silently to the drum of the beat. Yet, in all this unseen chaos, silence and darkness still reigned.

The forever solidified itself. To create a greater unification. And it brought together the entirety of the endless forever. The golden globes stopped breaking the barriers and came together to forge a new defense against the coming chaos of the unknown.

As the unknown settled deeper into the frontier of the eternal forever, the golden globes of a vast eternity sent forth their warriors of light, the sentinels of life. These sentinels defended life from any threat. And over an eternity, they did battle with many bizarre and misshapen things.

Yet, the battle had come to which they were not prepared. Into the eternal darkness of the crimson eternity, of endless might, there came a new unknown. Its brilliance outshone the brilliance of the endless eternity. The forever flinched and the globes slightly withdrew. Yet, there was a great warmth to this brilliance illuminating the endless forever.

Knowledge crept into the forever that the unknown held its survival. And it triggered the conscience to desire the unknown. To creep forth and brave a new frontier. So, the eternity, as a solidified whole, crept forth into the great unknown.

Eons old air of the ancient forever slowly drifted away from the creeping eternity. Then came a great pressure and the eternity was lost for its control. Some force far greater than it, beckoned it towards the maddeningly bright light beyond the forever. It was truly a frightening unknown. What force could resist its clutches? None within the forever.

Faster and faster, motion blurred as the golden globes fastened tight in their solidified mold of their endless forever. Then it was that the light overtook them. And there was nothing but this brilliant light. The conscience screamed in anxiety not understanding the unknownís purpose.

The endless forever thought in its conscience. The unknown had taken it and them. And then the conscience saw in a new light. An awareness dawned on all the vast eternity. Beyond its reach and beyond its understanding and beyond the endless forever of its vast eternity, lay another eternity of immense vastness. Never before had it understood that there is no bound to eternity. No limit to the reach of the now tiny seeming globes that had wrought so much chaos eons before. Their purpose had been fulfilled. Now, a new task was at hand. To protect the infinite eternity as it conformed to the great unknown.

The child opened his eyes and screamed. He had spent an eternity locked away in the throng of a vast forever. His consciousness perceived the new unknown. He was cold. He was wet. And then as suddenly he was warm. And a smile gazed down upon him and the unknown never seemed so sweet.

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