What is Life is just a poem I wrote when trying to decipher the worth of relationships. They have such an illogical hold on humanity and they often end in such strife. So I just wrote out the question that I asked and the answer I thought might apply.

copyright: 2004 C.E.
wordcount: 115
piece # 16

What is life
But the resolute devotion to emptiness
The hampering crutch of solitude

What is solitude
But the devastating lack of sincerity
The chaotic requiem of love

What is love
But the willful disobedience to logic
The rudimentary physics of intelligence

What is intelligence
But the desperate key to understanding
The tempering flow of unhindered belief

What is belief
But the truest depth of forecast
The coming prelude to death

What is death
But the disdainful lack of compassion
The anathema to hate

What is hate
But the riveting compulsion of disease
The lethargic catalyst of life

What is life
But the wondrous joy of passion
The difficult acceptance that we are not alone.

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