The threat that the rest of the galaxy has ignored for years has now finally manifested and all the citadel species are scrambling to find a way to defeat them.

One woman, Commander Genevieve Shepard, has been sounding the alarm for several years the the Reapers are on their way and has now been put into the unenviable position of trying to unite all the various species under the banner of one final plan that may finally push the Reapers back forever.

The only problem is, the secret to the Reaper's defeat lies at the heart of the galaxy in a sector so remote that there may be no more time left to save the galaxy, let alone the Earth.

With time running out, Commander Shepard must follow the clues that will lead to the final answer that has haunted the galaxy for millions of years:

Who or what are the Reapers?

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Here is the message from the prelate of the automatons that created the Reapers

Message From the Prelate