Here is a quick little story I whipped up for my English 303 class. The assignment was to write as much as we could in ten minutes to the scene presented. The scene was "two or more fruit hitting on each other at a party." Here is the result. It is basically a quick fiction of a really short, short variety. It doesn't quite qualify for flash fic though. It is 201 words long making it too long.

Pulp Friction

The ruckus was deafening as Red Roy the apple walked into the main hall where the party was being held. It was a bachelorette bash for Cathy Cantaloupe who was getting married on Saturday.

He hadn't been there five minutes, perusing the other fruits who were mingling in a mix of chaotic revelry, when Oletta Orange looked in his direction and started making googly eyes. Red Roy smiled a wry grin knowing she was his for the taking.

Oletta took that as a good sign and rolled his way. Red Roy found her appealing in ways he never thought possible, let alone imagined. He took her in with lust filled eyes, imagining how juicy that beautiful Orange must be.

"Hey there, gorgeous," Oletta Orange spoke tantalizingly. "My name's Oletta, what's yours?"

"Red Roy, luscious. But you can call me Big Red. Let's go upstairs and make a fruit salad."

"Oh my!" she squealed with a giggle.

A scream filled the air and silence rang out. Red Roy and Oletta looked towards the commotion and saw a banana laying on the floor.

"Someone's bruised Billy Banana!" a voice shouted.

Big Red's eyes went wide in horror. They had a fruit batterer on the loose.