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This website was created by Steve Bailey on Oct. 5, 2012

South Africa
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Welcome! Enjoy our free fellowship; our non-copyright-infringing viewings of public-domain Buster Keaton films; and our shared love of one of silent film's comic geniuses.

We want to get to know you and keep you as a friend. Above are our links to brand-name websites where we discuss and watch Buster Keaton's movies. Below is our site's "Table of Contents." Please -- check out our site, and then spread the word about it! Thanks for visiting!

Table of Contents

Part I: Buster Keaton's Classic 30 (Our reviews of Keaton's 30 movies from his independent silent period)

Prologue: Turned Loose, 1920-1928
The Filmography
Intermission: Buster's Educational and Columbia Years, 1934-1941
Epilogue: Time Warp, 1928-1966

Part II: More Keaton Goodies

Screening Room This is actually a YouTube link (Press on your PC screen's back-arrow button to return to this site) to our postings of public-domain versions of Keaton's movies.
A Word About Keaton's Public Domain Films If you're searching for "free" Keaton movies on the Web, please read this first -- it might save you a lot of grief!
Merchandise Alternative places to buy Keaton stuff, including DVDs of his movies.
How to Make Your Own Buster Keaton Hat An instructional YouTube video. You provide only the hat.
The General in 3D The tale of one of moviedom's worst ideas since Ed Wood bit the dust.
Bibliography Recommended reading for Keaton buffs.
Buster Keaton at Free on-line Keaton-related books and biographies (including Buster's autobiography).
Cynthia Morrison A tribute to the ultimate Buster Keaton buff.
Miscellaneous Links Links to still more Keaton-related goodies.

DISCLAIMER: This website is not at all connected with or endorsed by any official group or website associated with the legal or movie rights of Buster Keaton. Nor is it intended to slander or violate the copyright holdings of any of the aforementioned parties. If any of the materials on this website violate this agreement, E-mail the webmaster here and he will remove them immediately.

As befits the subject matter, this website is presented in glorious black-and-white.

Be sure to check out The Love Nest's "sister" site...

The only website devoted exclusively to The General, Buster Keaton's classic Civil War comedy-drama.

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