This might seem a bit of a non-sequitor, but it is really my tribute to a (literally) die-hard Keaton buff.

Cynthia Morrison is a long-time Florida stuntwoman and an instructor at The Burt Reynolds Institute for Acting in Jupiter, Florida. Cynthia cites Buster Keaton as one of her major inspirations.

The Love Nest had a short-lived "live version" in 2010, where we had two monthly free screenings of Keaton movies in Jacksonville. Cynthia found out about my meetings via an on-line discussion group. She then made a point of contacting me to tell me she wanted to visit my group.

So, on Sat., Aug. 21, 2010 -- her own birthday, no less -- Cynthia took it upon herself to drive up from Palm Beach for five hours to serve as a special guest at our Saturday meeting. She talked to the group about her stuntwork, did a couple of minor stunts (the ones she could manage within the confines of a public library), and basically stole the show. After that, Cynthia pretty much won the heart of everyone who attended the meeting, including mine. (As you can guess, the photo above is from Cynthia's guest appearance at our meeting.)

I met Cynthia only that one time, but I think that any Keaton buff who goes to that much trouble to promote her passion for stunts and Buster Keaton deserves a decent on-line tribute. Below are a few links to information about Cynthia and her work. If you live in or near Palm Beach, I hope you'll seek her out.

Links to Cynthia Morrison:

The Great Cindini Cynthia's own website.
Wikipedia A Wikipedia page about Cynthia.
American Strength Legends: Cynthia Morrison A 1998 interview with Cynthia.
Press Release from Burt Reynolds Institute Just ten days before visiting our Keaton group, the Institute publicly announced that they'd hired Cynthia as their Theatrical Sword Technique Instructor.
The Great Cindini as a human firecracker Cynthia's very explosive YouTube video.

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