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Shark and spider, windmill tower
Rain and magnet, road and weather
Hands craned to display an arc of flame
and he crackles electric, eyes shining bold
He crackles electric, eyes burning gold.

Star-iron flute carries the tune
Struck by lightning picked by hand
And as the sunflowers rise,
there's a bird in the skies
Hollowbone, black and white,
shout out loud, vitriolite
Dreams cut crossways, vent divine vectors
And significantly divine rays claw dust.

As the rosewood cleaves into song
with a jangle of steel, in the circle stood
And off there blasts the cannon of wood,
Shot so straight, ain't no one else could
Ain't no one else could.
Put a hole in the cloud, down comes the shroud
He put a hole in the cloud, down comes the shroud.

And burst the campfire, sunset closes
Blue sky pink with a chain of roses
And decision and the question poses,
Decision and the question poses;
One throws back his scarf, one takes a drag
One laughs out loud, one tips his hat
One reachs up to adjust his hood;
"We got this?

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Copyright 2013 D. Marshall Burns