Burning Spirit Pro Wrestling
Osaka Evolution 2001 -
5/31/01 - Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium 2
620 Paid

Special Guests: Atsushi Onita (?) and Gen'ichiro Tenryu (?)

The show opened up with a video feed on the big screen from a live press conference, in which BSPW owner Koji Tanaka and BSPW American Public Relations President Adam Saunders were shown announcing that Atsushi Onita and Gen'ichiro Tenryu would apear LIVE at the Osaka Namihaya Dome! The fans in atendance went nuts, and started chants of "O-NI-TA!" and "TEN-RY-U!". Koji also announced that this month Jax "BOOM BOOM" Gellar, newly signed BSPW Wrestler, would co-announce with Koichi Yukiguni on the GAORA TV Show.

Atsushi Onita and Gen'ichiro were seen backstage with the camera to their backs, for some reason. Tenryu looked over at Onita and said there was "something he had to do", and walked away.

Vinnie Catante was shown in the back "preparing" for his match with KANJI Sakaigama. By preparing, we meen smoking cigars and talking to his "bitches", of course. What, you think he's got to get ready for a match against a guy that's half his size?

Match 1
El Super Rudo vs The USA Kid
1 Fall, 20 Minute Time Limit
Referee: Hiroyoshi Tangara

The match started off alot like The USA Kid's last BSPW Match; his opponent trying to quicken the pace, but USA holding it down. However what USA lacks in speed, he makes up in power, as he displayed by Gorilla Press Slaming Super Rudo over the top and through a table! USA followed him outside and went for another Gorilla Press, but Super Rudo blocked it by hitting an Axe Kick to the neck. Super Rudo hit another Axe Kick, and smashed USA's face into the guardrail. Super Rudo then picked up his chair, and smashed it over USA's head, sending him down. Super Rudo then climbed inside, waited for USA to stand, and then hit a HUGE Tope Suicida, sending them both crashing into the guardrail. After a few seconds where both men lay motionless, Super Rudo stood up. He rolled USA into the ring and covered, but only got 2. The next 5 minutes or so was just Super Rudo hitting moves and covering, but USA kicking out. After a few minutes of abuse, USA started mounting a comeback with punches, kicks, and even an atempt to rip off El Super Rudo's mask. A few minutes later, USA grapped Super Rudo's chair and tried to attack him with it. He swung, but Rudo moved, and he nailed the top rope instead. USA turned around, and Super Rudo dropkicked the chair into his face, covered, and got the win.

Winnier: El Super Rudo
Time Of Match: 12:01
Finishing Move: Dropkick To The Chair/Face
Rating: **3/4

Super Rudo was shown in the back, and he basically just bragged about his victory.

Token Weed was shown getting ready for his match against "The Egotist" Jason Roswell later on tonight.

Match 2
Vinnie Catante vs KANJI Sakaigama
1 Fall, 20 Minute Time Limit
Referee: Hiroyoshi Tangara

Can you say squash? That's exactly what this was. The match started off with Vinnie (who is a whole foot taller than KANJI) Gorilla Press Slamming KANJI down hard on the mat. He then STOOD ON TOP of KANJI, trying to get the submission. KANJI wiggled around like a worm, but didn't give up. Vinnie got off of him, lifted him up, and lifted KANJI for a Suplex. Vinnie then reversed the Suplex mid move and tossed KANJI out, forcing KANJI's face to crash into Vinnie's knee, and also opening KANJI up across the forehead. Vinnie then stood over KANJI, and started stomping him in the face. By now, KANJI was a bloody mess, with blood all over his face and hair. Vinnie picked up KANJI, and nailed a Powerbomb before coving. KANJI SOMEHOW kicked out at 2.9. Vinnie then signaled for the end, and climbed up top, and tried to hit a backwords flying elbow, while the referee checked on the bloody KANJI. Out of nowhere, Jax "BOOM BOOM" Gellar came out of the crowd, Barbed Wire Wrapped Baseball Bat in hand. He stood up on the ring apron as Vinnie went for the elbow, and cracked Vinnie in the back of the head with the bat, opening a deep gash. Jax then jumped off of the apron, and went back through the crowd as they booed him to hell. KANJI stood up dazed, and stumbled over to Vinnie, who was now sitting reverse on the top turnbuckle. He then hooked Vinnie and brought him down with the Sakaigama Crush, before covering for the miracle 3 count.

Winner: KANJI Sakaigama
Time Of Match: 7:32
Finishing Move: Sakaigama Crush
Rating: **1/2

After the match Jax Gellar hit the ring again, and started stomping on Vinnie. El Super Rudo came out from the back, but as he and KANJI were about to help Jax, Jax smashed KANJI over the head with the Barbed Wire Wrapped Bat, knocking him out cold. Super Rudo picked up KANJI and layed him across his shoulder, before getting the hell out of there. Jax then proceeded to beat down Vinnie for a few seconds, before "The Egotist" Jason Roswell stormed the ring, causing Jax to flee. Roswell helped Vinnie up, and they walked to the back as the crowd chanted "CA-TAN-TE! CA-TAN-TE!"

The USA Kid was shown in the back, and he cut a promo about how Super Rudo got lucky.

Match 3
"The Egotist" Jason Roswell vs Token Weed
1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit

Referee: Yoshiyuki Okano

Token Weed came out to MASSIVE boos from the crowd. As Roswell came out, he hadn't yet won over the WHOLE crowd, but he was getting quite a good portion of the crowd with a favorable reaction. In the early moments of the match, strikes came back and forth between the two, with neither gaining the upper hand. At about 3:04, Token went for a bodyslam, but Roswell slid over the shoulders and dropped him with a neckbreaker. He then upped the assault on Weed, hitting more throws much to the delight of the crowd. However, with Roswell standing on the turnbuckle and playing to the crowd, Token grabbed him from behind and rolled him up off the top rope, getting a VERY close two count at about 4:40. He tossed the Egotist outside of the ring, which drew stomps from the Osaka crowd, as they knew this was his domain. Token pushed away the ring announcer and BRAINED Roswell with the chair, drawing an UHWWAAHHHH from the crowd. Token then picked him up, and hit him AGAIN. He then grabbed a fan's chair, doublestacking the chairs. He turned to swing, and BAM, there was Roswell with the superkick, one of his patented moves. Sluggishly, he tossed Token in the ring and went for the pin. He got two at 6:55. He grabbed Token and went to the second rope, coming off with a Tornado DDT. He signalled that he was going to the top rope, and once on the turnbuckles played to the crowd. He then dove off with a moonsault, but he saw Token moving and managed to correct himself and land on his feet. Token ran right into an Exploder attempt by Egotist, but wouldn't be moved! He grabbed Egotist, and hit him in his already damaged face with a BIG facedrop DDT. He continued to use his technical arsenal on the rapidly swelling face of Roswell. At 10:01, a second rope facedrop suplex got him two and 99/100ths. However, Egotist came back into the game at 11:10. Token was going for some sort of powerbomb, which Jason somehow managed to reverse into a Hurricanrana for two. Jason began to mount a sizeable comeback, and the crowd was TOTALLY into him, chanting "Roswell, Roswell!". He hit an Emerald Frosion, which he held onto and chained into ANOTHER Emerald Frosion. Token mounted a small comeback of his own, hitting a big lariat on Roswell, but The Egotist was running on something other than blood at that point. He hit a Lyger Bomb for an INCREDIBLY close count at 14:34. He set Token up on the top rope, possibly going for his Top Rope Double Underhook High Angle Ganso Bomb...but we'll never know because as he climbed, Token rebounded with a BIG straight punch to the face, sending Roswell flying off the top rope, howling in pain. Token saw the opportunity to finish it right there, and he dove off with the Leap of Faith, but ROSWELL MOVED! Roswell draped an arm over Token, and got the 3 a little over 16 minutes.

Winner: "The Egotist" Jason Roswell
Time Of Match: 16:20
Finishing Move: Missed "Leap Of Faith" into the Pin.
Rating: ***1/2

After the match, Roswell went to the back, and Token stood and grabed a mic. He talked about how Roswell's win was a fluke, and that it wouldn't be like that at the Suicida Match the next night. Then "My Way" by Limp Bizkit hit, and The USA Kid joined Token in the ring. Token handed USA the mic, and he talked some smack for a few minutes. Then, out of nowhere, Token punched his own partner in the face, dove on top of him, and started smashing him with punches! BSPW officials quickly rushed to the scene to break them up. Things don't look too good for these two tomorrow in the Suicida Match.

Atsushi Onita and Gen'ichiro Tenryu were seen one last time, from behind. They talked about how they would show BSPW some REAL wrestling, and the fans went nuts. They teased coming to the ring, but decided against it.

Koji Tanaka was shown at the press conference once more. He plugged the Suicida match, that will be on the show on GAORA TV. He thanked everyone for coming, and the show ended.