Burning Spirit Pro Wrestling - ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION 2003
Burning Spirit Pro Wrestling
05/31/03 - Osaka Castle Hall
12,017 Paid

This historic show opened with "Distance" by Northwind SAGA, the theme of Burning Spirit Pro Wrestling, blasting over the P.A. system. The pay-per-view cameras faded into the arena, where an absolutely gigantic set had been set up. Two mammoth video walls, one over the entrance set and one on the opposite wall, covered most of the empty seats. BSPW founder, CEO and president Koji Tanaka stepped onto the set, complete with signature BSPW blue pyro, as the huge crowd exploded in a round of applause. Tanaka-san walked down the ramp, slapping some hands as he did so. Stepping into the ring, he fired off a couple of his trademark high kicks, before composing himself and accepting a microphone. He gave a welcoming speech to the fans, thanking them for supporting BSPW's second anniversary show, and for coming together to create the largest crowd in BSPW history. He promised the crowd a night of hot fighting, and emotional tests of skill and fighting spirit. He then left, once more receiving a loud ovation from the crowd, as he took his seat next to Koichi Yukiguni at the PPV broadcast booth and the first match officially began...

Match 1
Keiji Takano vs. Hisamitsu Okada [TDOJO]
3 Rounds, 3 Minutes Each
Referee: Hiroyoshi Tangara

Before the fighters were introduced, the rules were announced. The exhibition would consist of three rounds, each lasting three minutes. The first round would be fought under Muay Thai rules, the second under standard MMA rules, and the third under Abu Dhabi (no striking) rules. The match would end in the instance of a knockout, but would continue in the case of a submission. Hisamitsu Okada was introduced first, the crowd firmly behind the unofficial "ace" of AOMORI HYBRID TEAM. "Karmacoma" then begin to fade in over the loudspeaker, and the crowd rose to it's feet, as the head of Takano Dojo, Keiji Takano, made his way to the ring. Takano was seconded by Wataru Kobe and Akitoshi Yoneda, Okada by Toru Nishi and Jin Nakasone. The introductions were made as each corner applied the boxing gloves and tape to their fighters. At the sound of the bell, both men came out throwing bombs, Takano getting the best of the exchange due to his size. Okada attempted to kick Takano's legs out, but was met with quite a bit of resistance, catching a number of kicks to the legs and torso. Stunned, Okada was unable to defend himself against a high kick, going down hard, with the referee administering the ten count. Around the five mark, Okada began to stir, and pulled himself up to his feet by eight. Takano moved in with more strikes, but the bell rang, signaling the end of the round. Both men went back to their corners to change into the MMA gloves, Okada's corner desperately trying to bring him back to fighting capacity. The second round began, with Okada shooting in for a huge takedown, only to be rolled over into a Takano Lock A! The hold landed in the ropes, forcing a break and both men back to their feet. Takano closed in on his student, catching him with a huge jumping knee! He followed up by pummeling his downed student with a barrage of strikes, which Okada escaped by catching Takano with a single-leg takedown. Okada got into the mount and prepared to unload on Takano, but the bell rang, signaling the end of the second round. The corners prepared both men for the third, and final round, under Abu Dhabi rules. The round began, Takano moving in on Okada to close the distant, decreasing the chance of a surprise takedown. Okada shot in anyway, taking the surprised Takano down to the mat. He moved into mount position once again, but was unable to strike due to the rule system. Instead, he grabbed at Takano's arms, attempting to catch him in a Kimura lock for the submission. Takano fought back, rolling over into Okada's guard. He tried to break the position, but Okada's leg strength and momentum was just too great. Takano tried for one last push, but was unable to break, as the bell rang for the last time, signaling the end of the exhibition.

Winner: Draw
Finishing Move: NA (Time Limit Draw)
Time Of Match: 3R 3:00
Rating: N/A

Post match, Takano praised Okada's fighting skills on the house mic, and announced that the lineup for a Takano Dojo MMA show would be released soon. He also wished luck to CLUB 02 in their challenge against Club ACES later in the night.

Match 2
Tetsuo Tange vs. Takehiro Dakatsu
1 Fall, 15 Minute Time Limit
Referee: Hiroyoshi Tangara

Both rookies were given support from the BSPW fans (surprising for Dakatsu, considering his past) as they walked to the ring. Spotlights shot through the crowd as they marched to the ring, both entering to the BSPW theme "Distance" and wearing BSPW logo shirts to the ring. After introductions (with both again being given nice reactions) the bell rang, the two pacing for a moment before locking up. The huge Tange easily overpowered Dakatsu, shoving him into the corner and lighting him up with some STIFF chops, Takehiro's chest turning a beat red. Tange attempted to whip Dakatsu to the ropes, but he reversed, Tange shooting back and getting taken down with satellite headscissors! Dakatsu's strategy for the match was put into play at that point, as he used his speed to wrestle circles around the much slower Tange. At the 4 minute mark he ducked a Tange lariat, Tetsuo turning and being rolled up with a hurricanrana for 2. Both quickly got up, Tange catching Dakatsu with a stiff knee to the stomach, before dropping him with a DDT and covering for a 2 count of his own. Tange kept the lead from there, refusing to let Dakatsu speed back up. The match stayed basic from that point, with lots of groundwork from the two, somewhat puzzling that they'd switch to such a slow format after starting so quickly. In the end they went back to standing, though, Tange dodging a dropkick before finally clocking Dakatsu with that lariat, covering for the win in his debut.

Winner: Tetsuo Tange
Finishing Move: Lariat
Time Of Match: 8:05
Rating: *1/4

After the match the BSPW fans respectfully offered a standing ovation for the two, Tange helping Dakatsu to his feet. The two shook hands, exiting the ring and heading to the back together.

Match 3
Atsushi Ono, Hironobu Inoue, Blizzard & "Black Swan" Kanji Yamamoto vs. Kinniku-Kamen, Joshyn The Mighty, Chi & "The Sunset Kid" Julio Franz
1 Fall, 20 Minute Time Limit
Referee: Hiroyoshi Tangara

The Kinniku Corps entered first, getting support from the crowd. Kinniku-Kamen and Joshyn The Mighty paid special attention to the crowd, slapping each hand that reached out to touch them. "Wild Thing" then hit over the P.A., as Tatakau Ishingun made their entrance! Surprisingly, though, they were lacking a member, as Blizzard had not shown up. As they entered the ring Kinniku-Kamen grabbed a microphone, demanding to know where TI's fourth member was. Ono simply pointed to the entrance way, as "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba hit! The Kinniku Corps stared at the entrance, as smoked shot over the set, before none other than Monster Shinigami, formerly of GJPW and Oita Pro stepped out! The Kinniku Corps stared wide eyed as the 6'8" Shinigami marched to the ring, easily stepping over the top rope and joining Tatakau Ishingun in the corner (where he stood an entire foot taller than Atsushi Ono(!). Kinniku-Kamen grabbed the microphone, demanding to know the whereabouts of Blizzard. Atsushi Ono avoided the question, staring out into the crowd as Monster Shinigami let out a loud burp, rubbing him stomach as a look of horror dawned on Kinniku-Kamen's face. TI chose Monster Shinigami to start for them, so of course the Kinniku Corps began to argue over who would start, none of which wanted to face off against the monster. Eventually they resorted to a 4-way game of Paper/Rock/Scissors, Kinniku-Kamen losing out as he threw Rock against all three's paper. The bell rang and Kamen put on a brave face, charging Shinigami and attacking with punches to the stomach! This had little effect on the Monster, who promptly grabbed Kamen by the top of his mask and shoved him to the mat. Kinniku-Kamen bounced right back up, only to be met with the same results. Finally Joshyn The Mighty, Chi and Julio Franz entered the ring, the team knocking Shinigami into the corner with some punches to the chest. This brought in Ono, Inoue and Yamamoto, the match quickly degenerating into a brawl. The next 5 minutes were of little note, with a bunch of punching and kicking around the ring. At the 6 minute mark Chi and Julio Franz attempted to double-team Hironobu Inoue, only to be caught with a double lariat by Monster Shinigami! Shinigami covered Franz, Kinniku-Kamen breaking the count. Shinigami himself would lead to the finish after another brawl sent everyone but Chi out of the ring. Shinigami rocked him with a lariat, before hitting a big boot and then a nodowa otoshi, covering for the Tatakau Ishingun win!

Winners: Atsushi Ono, Hironobu Inoue, Monster Shinigami & "Black Swan" Kanji Yamamoto
Finishing Move: Nodowa Otoshi (Shinigami to Chi)
Time Of Match: 8:01
Rating: *

The fight didn't end with the match, as the two teams continued to brawl. In an amazing feat of strength, Monster Shinigami gave both Chi and Franz nodowa otoshis at the same time, Tatakau Ishingun defeating their enemies on this night thanks to their new gigantic acquisition.

Match 4
Kenji Okano, GALLEON & Rikiya Yunome vs. "Bad Genome" Kyohei Yamada, Akitoshi Mikami & Yoshi Yujita
1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit
Referee: Hiroyoshi Tangara

The VioMAX team of "Bad Genome" Kyohei Yamada (fresh off of a performance at the J*TOP tournament just hours before), Akitoshi Mikami and Yoshi Yujita entered first, getting the usual boos from the crowd, only amplified thanks to the large turnout. The video wall showed clips of the VioMAX members in action, with a special surprise in the form of the finish of Yamada's match in J*TOP being shown (which actually got cheers from the crowd). The BSPW sekigun team of Kenji Okano, Rikiya Yunome and the debuting GALLEON were next, and were cheered by the fans. Red and orange spotlights shot through the crowd as the three entered, as well as some orange pyro. Budding rivals Yunome and Yujita insisted on starting the match out, and they wasted little time, quickly locking up. Yujita broke the lockup and sent Yunome to the ropes, ducking down for a back bodydrop. Yunome returned, taking advantage of Yujita's placing by rolling him up into an inside cradle, getting a CLOSE 2.9, Yujita barely getting out! An extremely embarrassed Yujita quickly got up, catching a Yunome right hand by kicking him in the groin, before tossing him to the buckle and attacking with some chops. He backed up, charging in and attempting a dropkick, but Yunome moved out of the way and Yujita hit the buckle! He scrambled to his feet, Yunome hitting a dropkick of his own to send Yoshi to the outside! Yujita struggled to his feet as Yunome hit the ropes, launching himself to the outside and smacking Yoshi with a tope suicida! Kenji Okano and Akitoshi Mikami entered the ring, Mikami catching Okano by surprise with a leaping elbow smash. He whipped Okano to the ropes, hitting them himself and attempting a spinning heel kick, but Okano ducked. Mikami got to his feet, but Okano was ready and smacked Mikami with an enzuigiri! Mikami drop to the mat, Okano covering for 2. The two stood, trading a series of armdrags before Okano caught Mikami with a STIFF reverse rolling elbow, knocking him to the ropes! Okano tossed Mikami back towards the middle of the ring before going to the apron. He attempted a springboard as Mikami rose, but Kyohei Yamada pulled the rope out from under him, Okano crashing to the outside with a scary fall! Mikami regained his senses as Okano struggled to his feet, before taking "KAYO" out with an impressive pescado. Kyohei Yamada and (for the first time in his BSPW career) GALLEON got into the ring, pacing for a moment before locking up. They struggled for position for a moment, before Yamada shot a kick towards GALLEON's stomach, but the newcomer caught the foot and took Yamada down with a lightning fast dragon screw legwhip! Yamada quickly got to his feet, only to be met with a Mexican armdrag takedown! Again he rose, this time swinging wildly for a right hand shot, but GALLEON went behind and dropped him with a Russian legsweep. The crowd popped, GALLEON making no attempt to hide his excited grin. He pulled Kyohei up, hooking the arms and attempting a dragon suplex whip, but Yamada landed on his feet before charging and dropkicking GALLEON's knees out from under him! Yamada began to rabidly stomp GALLEON, shouting swear words at him as he did so. Kyohei pulled him to his feet, whipping him to the buckle and following in with a running forearm smash, GALLEON falling to the mat. Kyohei went up top, waiting as GALLEON rose before nailing him with a missile dropkick, covering for 2. Yamada pulled GALLEON up, flipping him off before kicking him in the stomach. He attempted a Ligerbomb, but GALLEON refused with a hurricanrana whip, sending Kyohei flying across the ring! Kyohei tagged out to Akitoshi Mikami, who charged GALLEON only to have his own momentum used against him, GALLEON tossing him to the outside! Mikami used the apron to pull himself up, but was taken out by an amazing 180 degree turning quebrada from GALLEON! Yoshi Yujita and Kenji Okano hit the ring, Okano smacking Yujita with some stiff middle kicks, before tossing HIM out of the ring. Okano signaled to Rikiya Yunome, who nodded before entering and measuring Yujita up for another dive. Yujita got to his feet and Yunome took off, only to be stopped dead in his tracks by Kyohei Yamada, who SMACKED him with a dropkick to the legs, Yunome hitting the mat hard! Okano went after Yamada but a recovered Akitoshi Mikami grabbed him, tossing him out of the ring. Yamada laid in some stomps to Yunome, Yujita entering the ring. Kyohei held Yunome down as Yujita hit the ropes, bouncing back and nailing him with a leaping dropkick to the head! Yujita applied a camel clutch. Yamada hitting the ropes for a dropkick of his own, only to be stopped by GALLEON, who smacked him in the back with a middle kick. Yamada staggered toward the middle of the ring, GALLEON springboarding before taking him down face first with a bulldog! At the same time, a recovered Kenji Okano hit a springboard of his own, SMACKING Yujita in the head with a dropkick to break his camel clutch! GALLEON covered Kyohei Yamada, Akitoshi Mikami returning to make the save at 2.5! The others rolled out of the ring, leaving GALLEON and Kyohei Yamada. GALLEON tossed Yamada to the buckle, before attempting a Tornado DDT. Kyohei caught him mid-move, though, planting him back on his feet before kicking him with THE DONG~!. Yamada grabbed GALLEON by the head, nailing a Tornado DDT of his own and covering for 2. He picked GALLEON up, before bodyslamming him right back down in position in front of the turnbuckle. He went up top, before nailing a flying legdrop, another cover getting 2.5. Finally Yamada called for the end, pulling GALLEON up once more. He attempted his KY Buster, but Rikiya Yunome hit the ring, getting a small measure of revenge from earlier by dropkicking Yamada in the legs to break the attempt. This brought in Yoshi Yujita, who rushed Yunome into the corner and attacked him with stomps. Akitoshi Mikami hit the ring as well, hitting the drops and dropkicking Kenji Okano off of the apron before following him outside to brawl. A recovered GALLEON pulled Kyohei Yamada up, before hooking the leg and SPIKING him with a Fisherman buster! He covered, Kyohei barely kicking out at 2.5! GALLEON wasted no time, pulling Yamada up once more before crunching him with a brainbuster! Another covered followed, Kyohei Yamada this time kicking out at 2.9, not an instant too late! Meanwhile Yoshi Yujita finally got the better of Rikiya Yunome, dumping him with a tombstone piledriver before rolling him to the outside. GALLEON positioned Kyohei Yamada near the turnbuckle, before going up top. He measured Kyohei up, but before he could leap off Yoshi Yujita hit the ropes, GALLEON crotching himself on the buckle! Yamada recovered, rolling in a summersault before exploding into a leaping "Andromeda" (rising palm strike)! He grabbed GALLEON from the top, setting him up and nailing the M.U.S.C.L.E. Buster! He quickly ran up the buckle, going for the Violence Jackoff, but Kenji Okano returned, running on the apron and knocking Yamada off of the top, sending him into the ring! Yoshi Yujita attempted to attack Kenji Okano as he re-entered the ring, but he would have none of it, tossing Yujita into the buckle before nearly killing him with a STIFF high kick, Yujita slumping to the mat in a heap! Okano pulled him out of the corner before covering, Akitoshi Mikami returning to BARELY save at the 2.9 mark! Mikami attacked Okano, kicking him in the stomach before attempting a brainbuster. Okano floated through, though, landing on his feet and nailing Mikami with a Dragon Suplex hold for a close 2.5! Kyohei Yamada returned at this point, and once again Okano was tossed to the outside. Akitoshi Mikami held the still-downed GALLEON on the mat, as Kyohei once again went up top. He went for the Violence Jackoff, but Rikiya Yunome reappeared, knocking Mikami off of GALLEON and pulling him out of the way at the last second, Kyohei crashing onto the mat stomach first! Yunome rolled Yamada up in a la majistral, the excited crowd counting along as he got...2.9! Yunome pulled Yamada up, GALLEON holding off Mikami and Okano pulling Yujita to the outside as Yunome tossed Kyohei into the buckle. Yunome went for his Triple-rotation swinging DDT, getting two full revolutions before Yamada caught him, hitting him with a sickle released northern lights suplex INTO the buckle, Yunome hitting hard and crashing to the mat! Yamada pulled Yunome up, bringing him mid ring before sarcastically kicking him with THE DONG~!, before attempting a KY Buster, but Yunome managed to land on his feet behind Yamada! Kyohei turned, Yunome hitting a kick to the stomach before hooking Yamada, dropping him with a fisherman suplex! Yunome rolled through, hitting another fisherman suplex. He attempted to chain that into a fisherman buster but Yamada kicked his legs, dropping Yunome with a DDT! Both quickly rose to their feet, Yunome charging at Yamada only to be tripped with a drop toehold, Kyohei immediately transitioning into the Reverse Viper Hold! The crowd began to chant "YU-NO-ME!" as Akitoshi Mikami and Yoshi Yujita held off GALLEON and Kenji Okano (respectively) on the outside, Yamada screaming as he wrenched on the hold, stretching Yunome like crazy! Yamada actually made the flexible Yunome's foot TOUCH HIS HEAD for a moment, Yunome crying out in pain! In the middle of the ring, and with Mikami and Yujita holding off his partners, Rikiya Yunome was forced to submit, VioMAX picking up the win!

Winners: "Bad Genome" Kyohei Yamada, Akitoshi Mikami & Yoshi Yujita
Finishing Move: Reverse Viper Hold (Yamada to Yunome)
Time Of Match: 15:57
Rating: ***3/4

VioMAX celebrated after the match, clearing the ring and standing victorious over their opponents. Kenji Okano and GALLEON helped Yunome up and to the back, Kyohei Yamada offering sekigun a couple of middle fingers for their trouble as the crowd booed.

Match 5
KANJI Sakaigama [C] vs. ATSUKA
1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit
Referee: Yoshiyuki Okano

Burning Revolution runner up ATSUKA, fresh off of a J*TOP win (like Sakaigama and Yamada as well), entered first to a standing ovation from the fans. A red and green lightshow lit up the ring, as red pyro exploded from the entrance set as "EMERALD CITY" blasted over the P.A. system. The crowd started some "AT-SKAH! AT-SKAH!" chants as he marched down the ramp, but out of nowhere he was blindsided by KANJI Sakaigama, who charged down the ramp and cracked him over the head with the FURY Jr. Heavyweight Championship! Referee Okano called for the bell, the match starting on the outside. Despite going into J*TOP tomorrow and facing ATSUKA once more, Sakaigama held nothing back, viciously attacking ATSUKA. KANJI tossed ATSUKA into the guardrail, before smacking him with an incredibly stiff flurry of kicks to the chest. ATSUKA (whose chest turned a cherry red) cried out in pain, as Sakaigama grabbed the belt and smashed him in the skull again, sending him over the rail! Naoyuki Watanabe attempted to detain Sakaigama, but he found himself on the receiving end of a middle kick and tossed over the rail himself! Meanwhile Referee Okano was already starting a 20 count, and reached 5 as ATSUKA landed on the ground. KANJI hopped the rail, shoving Watanabe aside and pulling ATSUKA up before throwing him head first into a row of now-cleared chairs, the screaming crowd booing loudly. Okano's count reached 9, KANJI hopping the rail again and sliding into the ring, posing for the frenzied crowd as they screamed calls for ATSUKA. A dazed ATSUKA got to his feet, helping Naoyuki up before hopping the rail, a look of hate in his eyes as he glared at Sakaigama. ATSUKA rolled into the ring at 15, KANJI quickly taking advantage by kicking him in the ribs. ATSUKA hit the mat, KANJI backing up before firing off a STIFF kick to the side! KANJI pulled ATSUKA up, whipping him to the ropes before hitting them himself. KANJI went for a zero-sen kick, but ATSUKA ducked! KANJI scrambled to his feet, ATSUKA continuing to run the ropes and catching him with a revolution headscissors on the way back, turning three whole times before sending Sakaigama flying to the mat! ATSUKA used the buckle to pull himself up, leaning into it as KANJI rose. An irate Sakaigama charged, but ATSUKA rolled out of the way, KANJI hitting the buckle chest first. He staggered out, an already up ATSUKA charging and sending him straight back into the buckle with the PUNK Dropkick (which got a huge ovation)! To make matters worse for Sakaigama, ATSUKA charged in and leveled him with ANOTHER dropkick to the back, smashing him in the buckle! Sakaigama slid to the mat, ATSUKA pulling him out of the corner and covering for 2. Things slowed down after that, the two having some mat/submission exchanges for the next 5 minutes or so. ATSUKA worked over KANJI's right leg, his main weapon as that is the leg he usually kicks from. KANJI took a different approach, working ATSUKA's neck to set up big moves later on. At the 11 minute mark ATSUKA caught KANJI in a cross knee scissors hold mid-ring, Sakaigama struggling to escape. The crowd cheered ATSUKA on, sensing a quick victory. That was not to be, though, as Sakaigama struggled to the ropes 30 seconds after being locked in the hold. KANJI got to his feet but ATSUKA was waiting for him, hitting him with some elbow smashes to the neck before whipping him to the ropes and catching him with a rolling solebutt to the face. ATSUKA made a cover, KANJI kicking out at 2. ATSUKA pulled KANJI up again, attempting to whip him to the ropes. KANJI reversed, whipping ATSUKA before following in with a huge zero-sen kick to the face, the force of which sending ATSUKA out of the ropes and falling to the outside. ATSUKA pulled himself up, KANJI taking off, springing off of the top, and taking ATSUKA out with an INSANE spaceman quebrada! The crowd popped huge for the move, as Referee Okano began a 20 count. Both stayed down until the 13 count, before beginning to stir. By 15 KANJI was up, attempting to roll into the ring. ATSUKA grabbed hold of his boot, though, stopping him. KANJI scrambled to get in as Okano reached 18, kicking ATSUKA straight in the face before rolling in! The crowd screamed as Okano counted 19, ATSUKA scrambling to his feet and sliding into the ring JUST before 20! KANJI stomped at ATSUKA as he rose, before whipping him to the ropes and catching him with another zero-sen kick. A cover by KANJI got 2, the crowd cheering as ATSUKA kicked out. KANJI pulled ATSUKA up and called for the end, scooping him up for a Michinoku Driver II. ATSUKA landed feet first behind KANJI, though, KANJI quickly turning and running into a kick to the stomach, before being snapped with the ATSUKA Cutter! ATSUKA covered, KANJI kicking out at 2.5! ATSUKA controlled for a couple of minutes, seemingly on a second wind. He got nearfalls from a German suplex/rolling cradle combo, a northern lights suplex and a hurricanrana, but Sakaigama refused to stay down. At the 18 minute mark ATSUKA swung for a high kick, KANJI ducking. KANJI waited as ATSUKA turned towards him, swinging for a right hand shot but ATSUKA latched onto the arm, cradling Sakaigama in a backslide (the same move that got the flash win for ATSUKA in the Burning Revolution semi finals) for a CLOSE 2.9! Both scrambled to their feet, ATSUKA attempting a dropkick but KANJI dodging. ATSUKA stood, only to be smacked a middle kick and rolled up in a schoolboy for 2.5! Again both sprung up, and this time it was ATSUKA who got the surprise kick, nearly high kicking KANJI's head off! The crowd began an "AT-SKAH! AT-SKAH!" chant, rallying behind the popular Kazuma Fujita trainee. ATSUKA pulled KANJI up, before sending him right back down with a snap brainbuster, covering for 2.5 again. ATSUKA went up top, attempting a moonsault press, but KANJI rolled out of the way! KANJI pulled ATSUKA to his feet, before tossing him into the buckle and sitting him up top. He gave ATSUKA the finger, before hooking him and taking him down with an Iconoclasm! Sakaigama got up and measured ATSUKA as the crowd buzzed, screaming for ATSUKA to move away. He rolled to one knee, facing the buckle. KANJI charged out of the corner, stepping onto the knee and clocking ATSUKA with the "Violence Flash" shining enzuigiri! KANJI made a big mistake, though, kicking ATSUKA with his right leg (that was previously weakened), and clutched it in pain on the mat. Both were down for a moment, KANJI slowly crawling over to ATSUKA and covering for...2.9, ATSUKA kicking out at the last instant! The crowd popped into a loud chant of "AT-SKAH!! AT-SKAH!!", as an angry Sakaigama got to his feet and pulled ATSUKA up at well. KANJI yelled "FUCK OFF!" at the crowd, before hooking ATSUKA for the Sex Pistol! ATSUKA shifted his weight at the last second, though, landing on his feet! He ducked a high kick, before kicking KANJI in the stomach and dumping him with the ATSUKA Twister!! ATSUKA was too worn out to cover, though, the crowd screaming for him to pin KANJI. ATSUKA slowly...SLOWLY slid to Sakaigama, laying an arm over him, Referee Okano counting...2.9!! The crowd let out a disappointed groan as Sakaigama BARELY got a shoulder up in time. Both rolled to their sides, attempting to use the ropes to pull themselves up on opposite sides of the ring. Fujinaka-san announced the 25 minute mark, the fans clapping in approval. Both pulled themselves to their feet, the crowd firmly behind ATSUKA. The two stared at each other, KANJI shouting swears at ATSUKA across the ring. They paced for a moment, before locking up. ATSUKA got the lead, kneeing KANJI in the stomach and whipping him to the ropes, taking him down with a back bodydrop. ATSUKA backed up, waiting as KANJI pulled himself onto one knee, before nailing the "Osaka Sunkiss" (Shining Yakuza kick)! ATSUKA slowly began to pull himself up, but so did Sakaigama! Both rose at the same time, KANJI catching a kick before nailing a dragon screw. ATSUKA got to a knee quickly, but KANJI charged in and smacked him with another (this time left leg) Violence Flash! To the crowd's surprise, though, ATSUKA began to pull HIMSELF up! Again both rose, and again faced off. Tired and dazed, they hit weak looking slaps, before eventually getting a bit of a second wind and slapping each other in the face as hard as they could. ATSUKA threw a kick, KANJI catching it and spinning him 360 degrees before swinging for a high kick, ATSUKA ducking under and cradling KANJI with a schoolboy for a CLOSE 2.9! Both quickly rose, KANJI dodging a rolling solebutt and cracking ATSUKA in the face with a left-leg high kick! ATSUKA tried to pull himself up, but wound up eating ANOTHER Violence Flash! Fujinaka-san announced the one minute mark, an extremely tired Sakaigama (now having wrestled other 49 singles match minutes in one night) SLOWLY pulled himself towards ATSUKA, who himself was using the ropes to pull himself up. As Fujinaka-san announced 30 seconds ATSUKA was up, KANJI struggling to get up. He got to one knee, ATSUKA charging and firing off one last Osaka Sunkiss, knocking KANJI silly! Rather than cover an exhausted ATSUKA rolled out of the ring, the time limit expiring and KANJI Sakaigama making a successful V2 defense!

Winner: Draw
Finishing Move: N/A (Time Limit Draw)
Time Of Match: 30:00
Rating: ***1/2

Both men lay out cold after the match, as the crowd gave them a standing ovation, respecting the match they had put on. With the help of Naoyuki Watanabe and Ichiro Tsuji, ATSUKA was up to his feet first. KANJI got up shortly after, the two rivals (who will meet again tomorrow night in the J*TOP Quarterfinals) staring at each other with hatred in their eyes. ATSUKA exited next, and KANJI (with the help of the newly arriving Yoshi Yujita) followed shortly behind.
After that, a 15 minute intermission was held, while the announcers (Koichi Yukiguni and Koji Tanaka) highlighted the events thus far for the fans at home. Clips of BSPW wrestlers competing in night 1 of the J*TOP tournament were also shown. After that, the lights in the arena shut out, as "UNDER FIRE ~Rain of Tears Mix~" hit over the P.A. system. The crowd instantly shot to their feet, as silver and gold laser lights shot throughout the arena, and the "Puroresu Powerhouse", Kazuma Fujita, stepped out onto the entrance set! Silver and gold pyro shot off, the lights returning. Fujita, clad in his trademarked robe, marched to the ring as chants of "FOO-JI-TAH!" were called out. Fujita requested a microphone, being handed one by Yoshihiro Fujinaka. "UNDER FIRE" shut off, Fujita asking his trademark "Dochirahe?" ("How are you?"), which got a big response. Fujita said that this night was very special for him, because last year here was unable to compete on the anniversary show due to injury. Fujita went on, again promising to put on a wild fight with "MAMMOTH" Furiano later on. He then said that he was not out there for himself, however, before pointing to the entrance set. Fujita then said "BSPW fans...after nearly a year of absence...I present my best friend...BIG, POPPA, DAN!!" At this point the crowd gasped, the lights shutting out and "Highway To Hell" by AC/DC blasting over the P.A. system! The video walls showed images of Big Poppa Dan in all of his characters, before a fire display shot off on the entrance set! The lights returned, Big Poppa Dan appearing on his classic motorcycle! Dan (wearing a BSPW warm-up suit) drove down the ramp, before getting off and entering the ring, shaking hands with Fujita. Fujita passed Dan the mic, the crowd offering up some chants of "B-P-D! B-P-D!". Dan said that he had been gone a long time, but that he couldn't think of a better time to reappear in BSPW than BSPW's own anniversary celebration. He said that he was happy to report that Mr. Miyagi had recovered from the brutal attack on him by Dragon's Rage, and that starting on the next BSPW tour, Big Poppa Dan is officially back! The crowd cheered, BPD passing the mic back to Fujinaka-san before bowing to the fans. He and Fujita shook hands once more, Dan (and Fujita shortly after) leaving the ring as the show continued...

Match 6
Stevie .C [FREE] vs. "Yukon Crazy Horse" Bronco King [FREE]
Referee: Hiroyoshi Tangara

The returning Stevie was met with a lot of cheers from the fans as he entered the ring. Bronco King immediately rushed Stevie in the corner during the introductions; with him receiving a lot of boos from the fans. Bronco pounds away on Stevie in the corner, and sends him into a seated position with a back elbow to the jaw, followed by choking Stevie with his boot. Bronco King continues to stay in control of Stevie for the next few minutes, until Stevie makes the comeback as he counters King's Irish whip attempt, and sends King into the corner. Stevie comes rushing in, hitting a corner Lariat as King staggers out. Stevie hits King with a series of stinging jabs that only irritate Bronco King, as he plants a kick in the stomach of Stevie, before hastily tossing him through the middle rope. King climbs down and immediately clobbers Stevie over the back with a Double Axehandle King reaches over the rail and grabs a chair and BLASTS Stevie over the head with it, as the seat of the chair pops off, flying somewhere into the fifth row. He starts choking Stevie with the steel rail before the young Tangara pulls him off of Stevie. He pulls Stevie up and whips him into the far guardrail, and speeds towards Stevie, but he's able to avoid Bronco King's attack as King slams into the rail. Stevie fights back with his own chair shot, slamming the chair over King's back. Stevie starts pummeling away at King's forehead with punches, before King just shrugs Stevie off, sending him flying over the guardrail. King climbs over the rail and literally starts THROWING chairs at Stevie as the Japanese fans keep their distance from Bronco King. BK slams Stevie's head into a wooden table, and then proceeds to Bodyslam Stevie through the table! He picks Stevie up and throws him over the rail, and then back into the ring and goes for the pin, but Stevie kicks out after two. He pulls Stevie up, but then BURIES his knee into Stevie's chest, sending him hurling back to the mat. He brings Stevie up and whips him into the turnbuckle. He comes rushing into the corner, but Stevie once again uses his speed to move out of the way as Bronco King crashes chest first into the turnbuckle. He comes staggering out backdrops as Stevie executes the Backdrop suplex! He pulls King up and whips him into the turnbuckle, and comes charging in, hitting King with a Jumping Knee. King again staggers out as Stevie comes off the ropes and hits King with the Iron Blaster! King quickly hits the mat, but amazingly stumbles back to his feet. Stevie comes off the ropes again and hits King with a second Iron Blaster, but King again only staggers. Stevie rushes into the ropes once more and STIFFS King with a third consecutive Iron Blaster, that knocks King down! Stevie quickly makes the pin, and hooks the leg as Tangara counts the three!

Winner: Stevie .C
Time Of Match: 10:53
Rating: **1/4

King immediately kicks out following the pinfall, and grabs Tangara by the shirt, insisting that he kicked out. When Tangara refuses to restart the match, King becomes angrier. Stevie quickly comes to Tangara's aid and pulls King off. King then attacks Stevie! Both men start trading punches in the ring, and it eventually spills to the outside, where BSPW officials quickly rush in to separate both men.

Match 7
Yoshikazu Kanda vs. Akira Sakanoue [Oita Pro]
1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit
Referee: Hiroyoshi Tangara

"DEVIL WING" blasted over the P.A. system, as the large crowd got to its feet and cheered, anticipating the arrival of "Mr. Puroresu 2000", Yoshikazu Kanda. When Kanda stepped through the entrance set (complete with trademark "big match" robe, and video clips of some of his more vicious matches in Oita Pro shown on the screen) the crowd went crazy, with "KAN-DAH!" chants as blue spotlights highlighted the set. Kanda stoically marched to the ring, paying little attention to the fans as he stepped through the ropes. "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Jefferson Starship hit, as veteran wrestler Akira Sakanoue entered the set. Clips of Sakanoue's classic bouts were shown over the video screen as he made his entrance. The crowd gasped as they noticed that Sakanoue was trailed by none other than Kanda's former tag team partner, current GC Tag Team Champion Hisashi Kuroyama! Sakanoue and Kuroyama climbed into the ring, Kuroyama wasting no time and immediately rushing Kanda! Kuroyama knocked Kanda into the corner, before unloading onto his former tag team partner with a flurry of kicks to the stomach! A dazed Kanda fought back, chopping at Kuroyama's chest (and turning it red in the process) and attempting to get himself out of the corner as the crowd cheered on. Referee Hiroyoshi Tangara, Naoyuki Watanabe and Ichiro Tsuji quickly got involved, separating the two. Tangara ordered Kuroyama to the back, the GC Tag Team Champion taunting the BSPW crowd (as well as Kanda) as he marched up the stage and to the back. With the chaos settled, introductions were held (Kanda being thrown blue streamers from the crowd) and the bell was rung. The two paced, before locking up center ring. The massive Kanda trapped Sakanoue in a headlock, wrenching on his neck. Sakanoue whipped Kanda to the ropes, Kanda exploding off of the ropes and nailing Sakanoue right in the face with a STIFF Yakuza kick! Kanda made a quick cover, Sakanoue kicking out at one! Kanda kept on the attack, stomping at Sakanoue before attempting a double kneedrop to the stomach, Akira rolling out of the way. Kanda quickly got to his feet, Sakanoue attacking him with his trademark headbutts (which got a big response from the crowd), staggering Kanda back. Sakanoue attempted a big windup headbutt, but Kanda caught the head and spiked him with a DDT. Kanda pulled Sakanoue back up, only to force his head back down and hit him with some STIFF step kicks, the final one being a particularly painful looking shot that sent Sakanoue right back down onto his back. Kanda continued his brutal treatment for a couple of minutes, at one point stiffing Sakanoue so hard with a guh punch that his eye began to swell up. At the 5 minute mark Kanda smacked Sakanoue with an enzuigiri, the sound ringing throughout the arena. Sakanoue hit the mat, Kanda covering for 2.5. Kanda brought Sakanoue up and whipped him to the ropes. He attempted a Crush Roller, but Sakanoue rolled out of the way, Kanda's leg smashing the buckle. Sakanoue quickly pulled Kanda to the center of the ring and locked on a hizajujigatame, taking advantage of the missed attack. The crowd actually got behind Sakanoue, with "SA-KA-NOUE!" chants, Kanda thrashing on the mat in an attempt to escape. The pro-BSPW crowd quickly switched sides, with "KAN-DAH!" chants as Kanda struggling for the ropes. He eventually found them, the crowd cheering as Sakanoue broke the hold and backed up, allowing Kanda to get back to his feet. He attempted to lock up, but Kanda popped him straight in the jaw with a guh punch! Sakanoue staggered back, before smacking Kanda with a STIFF headbutt, busting his nose wide open! Kanda, realizing the wound, unloaded onto Sakanoue with a BRUTAL succession of guh punches, the final one busting Sakanoue's own nose open! Sakanoue didn't flinch, attacking Kanda with a flurry of headbutts! When he was done both were dazed, Sakanoue throwing weak headbutts as Kanda attempted more guh punches. The younger Kanda got a second wind, kicking Sakanoue in the stomach and then nearly taking his head off with a DISGUSTING uraken! Sakanoue hit the mat, Kanda covering for...2.9! The crowd started another "SA-KA-NOUE!" chant, as Kanda pulled Sakanoue up again, before attempting another uraken. Sakanoue ducked, though, quickly grabbing Kanda as he spun and dropping him on his neck with a backdrop suplex! Sakanoue rolled Kanda over, covering for 2.5! He brought Kanda up again, attempting another backdrop. Kanda quickly grabbed the top rope, though, Sakanoue letting go. Kanda turned to face the Kyushu Bomberjack, but Sakanoue nailed him with a sliding kick to the right leg! Kanda grabbed the leg, only to be hit with another. He leaned against the ropes, Sakanoue standing and smacking him with another headbutt, the force of which knocking him to the outside! Sakanoue followed him out as Referee Tangara began his count, grabbing Kanda by the head and smashing him face-first against the guardrail. Sakanoue attempted another, but Kanda blocked, grabbing him by the head and tossing him right over the guardrail! Kanda grabbed a chair, waiting as Sakanoue stood before braining him with the object, the seat flying up into the air as it detached! Kanda entered the ring, Sakanoue down over the guardrail as Tangara's count reached 11. The crowd counted along now, Sakanoue struggling to pull himself up. Tangara reached 14, Sakanoue slowly sliding over the guardrail and crawling towards the ring. The crowd began to count along at 15, with mixed chants for Sakanoue. Sakanoue reached the apron at 18, rolling onto it at 19 and getting in the ring JUST before 20, the crowd clapping in appreciation. Kanda was ready for him though, waiting as Sakanoue pulled himself up on the ropes. Kanda swung for another uraken, but Sakanoue ducked and moved behind Kanda, before taking him down with a backslide for a CLOSE 2.5 count! Both stood, Kanda going for another strike but Sakanoue latching on with an inside cradle, getting 2.9! Again both got to their feet, Kanda charging in and smacking Sakanoue in the stomach with a knee strike. Sakanoue doubled over, Kanda bringing him back up and measuring him before leaping for an enzuigiri, Sakanoue ducking! Kanda crashed to the mat, Sakanoue latching onto his leg and locking in another hizajujigatame! The crowd let out a mixture of excitement and disappointment as Sakanoue wrenched on the hold, with dueling calls for both. Sakanoue, whose nose (along with Kanda's) was a bloody mess by now, let out a cry as he wrenched on Kanda's leg, desperately seeking a submission. Kanda struggled for the ropes, slowly crawling towards him and stretching his massive arms out for the bottom one. Again the BSPW crowd got behind Kanda, with "KAN-DAH! KAN-DAH!" chants, and when Kanda grabbed the bottom rope they exploded in cheers. Kanda stood, favoring his right leg. Sakanoue himself got up, and as Kanda stood he fired off some sliding kicks to the leg, Kanda barely dodging each. Sakanoue went for another sliding kick, Kanda having enough and leaping into the air before crashing down onto Sakanoue's stomach with a double kneedrop! He covered, getting...2.9! The crowd popped, with some "SAKANOUE!" calls. Sakanoue slowly crawled towards the corner, Kanda watching on and letting him pull himself up, leaning against the buckle. The sadistic Kanda charged in, before SMACKING Sakanoue with a left-leg Crush Roller! Sakanoue slumped to the mat, a few Oita Pro faithful screaming at Kanda as he pulled Sakanoue towards the middle of the ring. Rather than cover, though, Kanda waited as Sakanoue slowly pulled himself to his feet, leaning against the corner himself. As Sakanoue rose Kanda charged out, before nearly taking Akira's head off with a lariat! Kanda again refused to cover, instead bringing Sakanoue up into a sitting base and locking in his former mentor's (and Sakanoue's tag team partner) signature submission, the stepover facelock! Sakanoue desperately struggled in the hold, refusing to submit as the crowd cheered on his effort. Sakanoue waved his arm wildly, showing Referee Tangara he was still in the fight, as Kanda (bloody face and all) SMILED as he stretched Sakanoue even further! Finally, after nearly a minute of torture, Sakanoue faded, Referee Tangara stopping the match and awarding it to Yoshikazu Kanda!

Winner: Yoshikazu Kanda
Finishing Move: Stepover facelock
Time Of Match: 14:10
Rating: **1/2

The crowd let out a cheer after the match, Kanda releasing the hold. He offered little celebration, stoically marching to the back. Akira Sakanoue was helped to his feet by Watanabe and Tsuji, bowing to the crowd (who clapped out of respect) before making his way to the back as well.

Match 8
"The Superstar" Jason Ramsey & Genji Yamato vs. Dragon's Rage
1 Fall, 30 Minute Time Limit
Referee: Hiroyoshi Tangara

Dragon's Rage entered first, violet and red pyros shooting out of the stage as they came out to "Lit Up". They were booed on their way to the ring, Kyojima eating it up while Hatushi ignored it and walked intensely to the ring. "Climbatize" hit, and Yamato came out to a huge reaction. Electric blue pyros flared up from the stage, and Yamato made his way down to the ring to LOUD "YA-MA-TOH" chants. "Gimme the Prize" played, and Ramsey got the best reaction of the night so far. Silver pyros surrounded him on the stage, and he looked pumped as he headed down towards the ring. Dragon's Rage was introduced first, to loud boos from the crowd. Yamato was greeted with a huge pop, getting electric blue streamers thrown into the ring as he stepped forward. After the ringboys cleaned them up, Ramsey was introduced. The roof of Osaka Castle Hall was blown off, and the ring drowned in silver streamers. The ring was cleared of streamers, and the match started with the odd pairing of Kyojima against Yamato. Yamato immediately went to work on Kyojima with chops, backing him into the corner. Kyojima hit a few overhand chops, but Yamato overpowered him with STIFF backhand chops. A knee lift led to a standing leg drop by Yamato, who picked Kyojima up and got a top wrist lock. Kyojima struggled before hitting a dropkick to Yamato's bad leg while still in the wristlock. Kyojima dropped an elbow across the knee of the same leg, then another elbow before tagging to Hatushi. Hatushi went to work on the leg of Yamato with kicks to the downed star, then went to submissions. Yamato worked his way out of a Hatushi knee cross by kicking with his free leg and tagged out to Ramsey. Ramsey and Hatushi immediately went right at one another, Ramsey hitting a big elbow. Hatushi responded with a Thai high kick rather than exchange elbows with Ramsey, then proceeded to stomp away at Ramsey's head and torso. Ramsey finally had enough and stood up through the stomps, which Hatushi turned to step kicks. Ramsey only seemed enraged and stood up completely, hitting a big elbow! Hatushi answered in kind, but was driven back after Ramsey's 4th elbow. He tried bouncing off to the ropes for a running elbow smash, but Ramsey didn't go down! Ramsey staggered back into the ropes and LEVELED Hatushi with a running elbow, then started hitting backhand chops to drive Hatushi back to the ropes. Hatushi's chest turned bright red, but he returned the favor with 4 straight stiff kicks to the chest of Ramsey. Ramsey fired back with a European uppercut, taking Hatushi off his feet again. Hatushi stood back up and fired off three straight elbows to knock Ramsey down! Ramsey was back up and hit a rolling elbow, which left Hatushi down and out on the mat! Ramsey picked him up and hit a vertical suplex, covering for a two count. He locked in a standing crab on Hatushi, starting to work on his back, but "DRAGON" was able to push himself up onto his hands and grab one of Ramsey's legs, rolling into a reverse knee cross. Ramsey spun as he went down, but Hatushi turned it into an Achilles tendon hold. Ramsey got the same hold on Hatushi, and neither was willing to give up the hold as the other wrenched their leg. It was eventually broken up by Kyojima, but Yamato leveled him with a lariat before returning to his corner. Both Ramsey and Hatushi got up favoring one leg, but Hatushi's partner was in the midst of crawling back to his corner. Ramsey tagged to Yamato, who hit Hatushi with a lariat before getting a side headlock and bulldogging him. He covered for a two and a half, then hit a judo chop! to Hatushi's neck. Hatushi desperately scrambled backwards, kicking out at Yamato's injured leg. He connected, then stood and hit several stiff kicks to Yamato's leg before tagging out, still favoring the leg Ramsey had wrenched earlier. Kyojima smartly kept the pressure on Yamato's leg, using submissions to keep Yamato grounded. Yamato showed his fighting spirit, not giving up, and eventually catching Kyojima after a rope break with an elbow, then a DDT. He picked Kyojima up and DUMPED him with a release German suplex, Kyojima landing almost vertically! The cover was broken up by Hatushi, who stomped at Yamato's knee afterwards. Yamato got up slowly, but Kyojima was barely stirring by the time he got to his feet. He picked Kyojima up and used elbow stamps to the back of his neck before locking on a cobra twist. Kyojima screamed in pain, but Hatushi hit the ring for the save. Yamato saw him coming though, and dropped the hold, catching Hatushi with a lariat! He caught Hatushi with a dragon screw, trying to neutralize Hatushi's kicks, then went back to Kyojima and dragged him back to his corner for the tag to Ramsey. Ramsey hit a series of 5 elbows, knocking Kyojima down easily, then picked him up and hit a double arm suplex. He followed with an octopus stretch, but Hatushi was quick to break it up with a kick to the face. Hatushi cringed as he threw the kick, then limped slightly on the way back to his corner. Kyojima started to show signs of life, dropping a leg across Ramsey's throat, then hitting a leg lariat. he followed by sending Ramsey to the ropes and hitting a spinning leg lariat, but Ramsey caught him with a European uppercut as Kyojima brought him off the mat. Ramsey sent Kyojima off the ropes, then leveled him with an elbow before trying a backdrop driver. Kyojima flipped through and landed on his feet, trying another spinning leg lariat. Ramsey ducked, but Kyojima landed on his feet and hit a dropkick before retreating to his corner and tagging to Hatushi. Hatushi came in and hit a HUGE kneedrop on the downed Ramsey, then covered for a two count only. Ramsey hit several knife edge chops, but Hatushi landed a high kick to knock Ramsey down. he followed with a sheer drop brainbuster, the covered. Ramsey managed to get a shoulder up just before the three count! Ramsey countered a Dragon ARROW lift by dropping behind and hitting a tiger suplex, this time Hatushi JUST kicking out! Ramsey dropped a big jumping knee on Hatushi's face, then picked him up and hit a gut wrench suplex. He tried the backdrop driver on Hatushi, but Hatushi landed behind him and hit a release German! Both men were down, Hatushi up barely before Ramsey. Ramsey caught Hatushi with a drop toe hold, sending him face-first into a neutral corner turnbuckle! Ramsey made the tag to Yamato, then knocked Kyojima down with a rolling elbow as the "Raging Phoenix" hit the ring to help his partner. Yamato picked Hatushi up and hit a dragon suplex, Hatushi again barely kicking out! Yamato brought Hatushi up and got a standing headscissors, but Hatushi refused to be picked up. Yamato hit a few forearms to his back and hit a powerbomb hold! Kyojima was just able to save his partner from being pinned, hitting a dropkick to Yamato's back as the referee's hand was coming down for 3! Kyojima recovered quickly and hit a spinning leg lariat to knock Ramsey off the apron, using the ropes to pull himself onto the apron as he recovered. Kyojima hit a HUGE Asai moonsault out onto Ramsey on the floor as Hatushi hit a low dropkick on Yamato. Hatushi took the focus off of the leg and hit a few elbows, then a knee rush, ending with a high kick. He shoved Yamato into the corner and went to work with boot scrapes, then brought him out and started landing knees to Yamato's head. Yamato went down, but Hatushi's knee was still in pain from the earlier assaults by Ramsey and Yamato. Ramsey recovered on the floor and sent Kyojima HARD into the guard rail, returning to the apron as Hatushi pulled Yamato up. Yamato surprised Hatushi with a few stiff chops as he stood, then circled behind and got a full nelson. Hatushi reversed this time and got a full nelson of his own, dragon suplexing the puroresu legend! Yamato was able to kick out just before the three, but Hatushi was quick to bring him up and land a series of stiff kicks to the leg, the last knocking Yamato down. Yamato showed his spirit and presence of mind, using a sweep to attack Hatushi's leg. Both were down, Yamato crawling back to his corner and Hatushi trying to keep him away. Kyojima came off the apron with a slingshot leg drop to stop Yamato's advance, and Dragon's rage began double teaming Yamato. Quick tags ensued, and Yamato looked to be in trouble. Yamato ducked a Hatushi DRAGON Strike, dumping him with a Michinoku driver 2, then tried getting back to his corner. Kyojima came to cut him off, but Ramsey was quick to intervene with a lariat. Ramsey returned to the apron quickly and got the tag, hitting elbows on both Hatushi and Kyojima. He hit Hatushi with a series of elbows, but Kyojima came off the top with a flying dropkick to stop Ramsey. Hatushi sent Ramsey into the corner and hit more boostcrapes before tagging in Kyojima. Hatushi and Kyojima tied Ramsey in the ropes facing the ring, and Kyojima locked in a dragon sleeper while on the apron, Hatushi kicking Ramsey's midsection red while Kyojima held it. They continued double teaming Ramsey, focusing on the neck, while holding off Yamato when he interjected himself. Kyojima hit a DDT off the top after Hatushi set Ramsey up top, then spiked Yamato with a high angle Frankensteiner as he came charging to Ramsey's rescue. Yamato rolled outside, and Kyojima tagged in Hatushi before hitting a springboard hurracanrana to the floor on Yamato! Ramsey was set up top again by Hatushi, but tried to elbow his way out. Hatushi responded with headbutts, then hooked Ramsey fey for a suplex. Ramsey fought being picked up, but Hatushi released the hold and used headbutts again to leave Ramsey reeling on the turnbuckle. Hatushi hooked him again, then dropped him with a super brainbuster! Hatushi went for the cover, Yamato and Kyojima still motionless on the floor, and got the 3 for the victory over the Golden Crown champion!

Winners: Dragon's Rage
Finishing Move: Avalanche Style Brainbuster (Hatushi to Ramsey)
Time Of Match: 18:33
Rating: ****1/4

Following the match, all the wrestlers involved were in bad shape, Hatushi crawling to the outside to check on his partner. Ramsey's neck was checked out by BSPW medical staff, as was Yamato's. Kyojima was also looked at, while Hatushi knelt, exhausted, on the floor beside him. Ramsey and Yamato were both okay, Yamato returning to the ring and conferring with his partner. Hatushi turned his attention to the ring, staring Ramsey down. Dragon's Rage appeared ready to leave the ringside area, but Ramsey shouted at Hatushi. Hatushi rolled slowly into the ring, and the two had an intense staredown. Hatushi shoved Ramsey, and Ramsey appeared ready to retaliate, but Kyojima (uncharacteristically) and Yamato both held their partners back and tried to calm them down. Dragon's Rage left to a mixed reaction, some fans cheering them for their efforts in the match. Ramsey and Yamato left to a HUGE ovation from the crowd, both showing the fans their appreciation as they left.

Match 9
Zhang Jia Hao vs. "True Spirit Fighter" Usagi Yoshida
1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit
Referee: Yoshiyuki Okano

"Orange" hit over the loudspeakers, and Usagi Yoshida was greeted with white pyros as he came out. The crowd roared for him, starting chants as he walked down to the ring. "Birth of the Wicked" played as the champion, Zhang Jia Hao came out to gold and white pyro. He was cheered for as well on his way to the ring, the crowd starting up "Z-J-H" chants. The introductions saw both get streamers thrown into the ring for them, white for Yoshida and gold for ZJH. The match started slowly, Jia Hao and Yoshida pacing each other. Both threw out some half-hearted strikes, watching how the other reacted. Yoshida, not really known for his striking, started faking shoots after Jia Hao's kicks. Jia Hao caught Yoshida with a knee, then went to work with his kicks before Yoshida finally caught one and took him to the mat. He started working on Jia Hao's leg with submissions, but the Revolution champion was able to fend off his submissions and counter them. Yoshida kept the match on the mat, knowing that Jia Hao would dominate him standing, eventually getting an advantage. He locked in a half crab, but Jia Hao made the ropes. Yoshida managed to keep the match mat-based for a few more minutes, but Jia Hao countered a figure four by kicking Yoshida off and getting back to his feet. Jia Hao wasn't going to let the match go back to the mat, immediately hitting the ropes. A running shotei knocked Yoshida down, then a leg drop followed. He kept the advantage with kicks and elbows, mixing up his strikes to keep Yoshida from taking him down. He hit a hurracanrana at the 8 minute mark, netting him the first 2 count of the match. Jia Hao then switched his game plan, hitting several judo throws to surprise Yoshida. Yoshida was able to counter the third takedown attempt, but a stiff high kick from Jia Hao knocked him down. Jia Hao climbed up top, which proved to be a mistake. He tried a moonsault, but Yoshida was able to roll away. Yoshida went back to the leg, really starting to stretch it with a cross knee scissors. Jia Hao struggled in the hold, the pain showing on his face, but refused to give up. he pulled himself slowly towards the ropes, finally wrapping a hand around the bottom rope to the applause of the fans. Jia Hao's kicks and movement neutralized, Yoshida started focusing on his neck with submissions. Jia Hao countered into submissions of his own, but Yoshida was the better of the two on the mat, keeping the advantage while they exchanged submissions. Jia Hao hit a rolling elbow after getting a rope break, then a falcon arrow, covering for a 2.5! A shining wizard followed, with Jia Hao heading up top and hitting a senton atomico! He covered again, Yoshida kicking out just before the three count! Yoshida dropped behind Jia Hao on a brainbuster attempt, hitting a high angle backdrop! Yoshida and Jia Hao were down for some time, Jia Hao recovering a little faster. His kick was caught though, and he was taken down with a dragon screw by Yoshida. Yoshida used another half crab, this time transitioning into a rear naked choke! Jia Hao managed to flop his way to the ropes, putting a foot on the bottom rope to avoid the submission, but Yoshida caught him with a swinging neckbreaker before going back to the neck with a seated front neck lock! Jia Hao was finally able to counter, freeing his head and rolling Yoshida over into a sunset flip style pin for just over a 2.5 count. Yoshida uncharacteristically went for a lariat, trying to really damage the neck of Jia Hao, but the Revolution champion ducked and caught Yoshida with a spinning kick. He was still favoring his knee a little as he picked Yoshida up and hit a release thunder fire powerbomb, then climbed up top. Jia Hao hit an impressive firebird splash, but favored his knee upon landing. he still made the cover after hooking a leg, but Yoshida was JUST able to get a shoulder up! Jia Hao climbed up top, but the moonsault DDT attempt was avoided by Yoshida. Yoshida immediately tried to lock in the Moon Strengthening, but Jia Hao scrambled to the ropes before the hold was locked on. Jia Hao stood up quickly, but was caught by Yoshida in a back roll neck lock! Jia Hao struggled in the hold, and was luckily very close to the ropes after the back roll from Yoshida. Both were down for some time, Yoshida recovering after the aerial assault by Jia Hao, and Jia Hao trying to recover from the leg and neck submissions. Jia Hao surprised Yoshida with a flying kneelkick, then picked him up and set him up for the Dragon Spear, but Yoshida escaped the move just before his second leg was trapped by Jia Hao. Jia Hao hit a sheer drop brainbuster, then climbed up top and hit a shooting star leg drop and covered, Yoshida again barely escaping before the three count! Again both men were down, Jia Hao just up before Yoshida. Yoshida caught Jia Hao by surprise, hitting a quick knee to the midsection before trying to lock on the Crystal Twist. Jia Hao hip tossed him before he could, but Yoshida rolled with the impact and was up quickly. Jia Hao charged, but Yoshida sidestepped and shoved him into the corner. Yoshida hit a few shoulder blocks to the midsection of Jia Hao, then grabbed his legs right after the last. He started to lift Jia Hao for the Crystal Smash, but the Revolution champ held onto the tope rope! Yoshida hit a few more shoulder blocks, then lifted Jia Hao up for the move! Yoshida took a step back and dropped Jia Hao on his head with the Crystal Smash! Yoshida covered for the 3 count, becoming the new Revolution champion!

Winner: "True Spirit Fighter" Usagi Yoshida
Finishing Move: Crystal Smash
Time Of Match: 19:47
Rating: ***3/4

The crowd gasped after the match, not expecting the result! It took a few moments for things to set in, but when it finally did the crowd burst into cheers, with some "USAGI!" calls and "YOSH-I-DA!" chants. Zhang Jia Hao got to his feet, tears in his eyes. Okano-san handed him the title, the former ZJH starring down at it one last time, before passing it on to Yoshida. Yoshida nodded, accepting the belt and raising it high, to cheers from the crowd! Zhang Jia Hao left the ring, Usagi Yoshida celebrating for a little while longer before he too left.

Match 10
Club ACES [Oita Pro] vs. CLUB 02
1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit
Referee: Yoshiyuki Okano

"MANDALA the world" by KOHEI hit, as the Takano Dojo graduates CLUB 02 marched out onto the set, their entrance being met by blue and white pyro, as well as clips of their deadly stretch muffler/jujigatame combo submission shown on the big screen. For the first time since their debut last year, 02 were cheered loudly by the BSPW faithful, as they prepared to tackle the outsider champions. "Aces High" by Iron Maiden hit after they entered the ring, the crowd immediatly starting up a chorus of boos. The Oita Pro team of Club ACES, Hisashi Kuroyama and Tetsuya Sugimoto, stepped out onto the entrance way as black pyro shot up from the set. The video wall showed clips of them brutalizing former champions, Mitsuharu Nogami and The Bizarre Kid, much to the boos of the crowd. The introductions began, CLUB 02 again getting a great reaction. Fans tossed in blue and white streamers for the two, Watanabe and Tsuji quickly clearing them out the ring. When the Club ACES were announced they stepped towards the middle of the ring, taunting 02 with the GC Tag Team Title belts. 02 attempted to meet them, but the ACES tossed the belts into their faces, before rushing them in the corner with kicks (Kuroyama to Kobe) and stomps (Sugimoto to Yoneda)! The bell quickly rang as the crowd booed, the Club ACES starting the match out with a bang. The first 3 minutes or so was a pure old fasioned brawl, with the ACES pulling ahead. CLUB 02 managed to cut the ring in half after that, though, and the match turned into a more traditional bout. At the 6 minute mark the ACES were in trouble, falling prey to several double teams from Kobe and Yoneda, including an impressive Northern Lights (Kobe)/Lariat (Yoneda) combo that got 2 on Sugimoto. A cheap shot from Kuroyama to Yoneda gave Sugimoto control, though, and he used his size to beat Yoneda around the ring for a little while. He hit a lariat for 2, before attempting a German suplex. Yoneda performed a standing switch, going behind Sugimoto and attempting to left his massive frame into a German suplex of his own. He couldn't quite get Sugimoto up, though, the power rookie back elbowing out before lifting Yoneda into a Argentine backbreaker. Yoneda, in the middle of the ring and with nowhere to go, cried out in pain as the crowd cheered him on. Wataru Kobe attempted to break things up with his Hyper Knee, but Sugimoto TOSSED Yoneda into him as Kobe leapt out of the springboard, 02 crashing to the mat! Sugimoto nailed Yoneda with another lariat, covering for a CLOSE 2.5! A tag out to Kuroyama followed, Yoneda struggling to get to Kobe but being held back. Kuroyama punished Yoneda with some stiff kicks, knocking him into the corner. A whip to the other buckle followed, Kuroyama charging in and attempting a lariat. Yoneda moved, though, Kuroyama staggering out of the buckle and Yoneda using his own momentum to toss him onto his neck with an amazing released German suplex! Yoneda quickly attempted to tag out to Wataru Kobe, but was cut in half by a Tetsuya Sugimoto spear! The crowd went into a near-riot of boos as Sugimoto put the stomps to Yoneda, but those boos quickly turned to cheers as Wataru Kobe hit the ring, attacking Suigmoto with a spinning heel kick! Another brawl broke out, this one being dominated by an enraged CLUB 02. At the 12 minute mark Kobe attempted to Dragon Suplex Kuroyama, the former J-FIGHT Heavyweight Champion elbowing out and performing a standing switch, before nailing a Dragon Suplex of his own for 2.5! Kuroyama lifted Kobe, attempting a Death Valley Bomb, but found himself nailed with a Yoneda spear! Yoneda pulled Kuroyama up, before dumping him with a Fisherman buster! He leaned over for the cover, getting a close 2.5 as Sugimoto broke it up! Yoneda again pulled Kuroyama up. He attempted a belly to belly suplex, but Kuroyama elbowed out, performed a standing switch, and locked in a stretch plum! The crowd buzzed as Kuroyama wrenched on the hold, Kobe attempting to break. Sugimoto cut him off, though, kneeing him in the stomach before dumping him with a SICK German suplex, Kobe landing on his neck and rolling out of the ring! Meanwhile, Kuroyama released the hold and dragged a groggy Yoneda to the center of the ring, before reapplying the Stretch Plum, this time "torture style" by grinding his knee into Yoneda's back! The crowd began "YONE-DAH! YONE-DAH!" chants, as Yoneda desperately struggled on the hold, Kuroyama SMILING as he wrenched it in. Kuroyama let go of the hold for a minute, holding Yoneda still on the mat as Sugimoto hit the ropes, shooting back and laying in a LOUD kick to Yoneda's back! Kuroyama applied the Stretch Plum again, once more grinding his knee into Yoneda's (now red) back. Dispite the obvious pain, Akitoshi Yoneda showed an insane amount of fighting spirit, refusing to give up to the outsider. The "YONE-DAH!" chants increased, Kobe slowly recovering on the outside. Yoneda refused to quit still, but began to fade, Referee Okano checking on him. The chants and calls increased as Okano continued to check out Yoneda, Kobe finally getting to his feet and rolling into the ring. Sugimoto attempted to attack Kobe, stomping him as he was down, but Kobe shook him off and got to his feet. Sugimoto whipped Kobe to the ropes, but he shot back and nailed him with a zero-sen kick! Sugimoto rolled to the outside, Kobe quickly kicking Kuroyama in the face to break the Stretch Plum! The crowd cheered as Kobe attacked Kuroyama, knocking him into the corner and stomping on him. Yoneda, meanwhile, crawled to the ropes and pulled himself up. Kobe pulled Kuroyama up, hooking him by the arms and finally hitting his Dragon Suplex! He bridged, Kuroyama kicking out at 2.5! Sugimoto returned, Yoneda cutting him off with a kick to the stomach and a gutwrench suplex, Sugimoto again rolling to the outside. Kobe pulled Kuroyama up and clocked him with a uraken, spinning him 180 degrees and running him right into a Yoneda Mito Clutch, Kuroyama kicking out at a close 2.9! Kobe went to the apron, Yoneda holding Kuroyama up. Kobe attempted the Hyper Knee but Kuroyama moved, Kobe nailing Yoneda! Kuroyama cracked Kobe with a high kick, spinning him 180 as Sugimoto returned, nailing Kobe with a spear that sent him all the way outside! Kuroyama bailed to the outside, Sugimoto attacking Yoneda with chops. He knocked him into the corner, backing up and crunching him with a spear to the stomach! Yoneda slumped to the mat, Sugimoto pulling him out of the corner and covering for 2.5. Meanwhile Kuroyama and Kobe fought it out on the outside, Kuroyama tossing Kobe ino the rail and laying in some stomps. Sugimoto backed up, waiting as Yoneda stood. He hit the ropes, before smacking him with an enzuilariat! Sugimoto kept going, coming back and slicing Yoneda in half with a VICIOUS spear! Sugimoto hooked a leg, getting...2.9! The crowd cheered as Yoneda kicked out, screaming out "YONE-DAH!! YONE-DAH!!" chants. Sugimoto called for the end, picking Yoneda up. He locked in a front facelock, before bringing Yoneda up in a brainbuster position, and DROPPING him with a Jackhammer! He hooked the leg, the crowd counting along as Referee Okano slapped the mat three times, Club ACES making a successful defense!

Winners: Club ACES
Finishing Move: Jackhammer (Sugimoto to Yoneda)
Time Of Match: 15:49
Rating: ***

The crowd booed heavily after the match, the Club ACES snatching the GC Tag Team Titles before Kuroyama demanded a microphone. Once more he lashed into Burning Spirit Pro Wrestling, calling them all "cowards" and demanding the ACES get to defend the titles in their home organization. From the broadcast booth Koji Tanaka ignored them, but was seen nodding on camera when they made their demand to defend the titles in Oita Pro. The ACES stormed off after that, Club 02 being helped to the back.

Match 11 - MAIN EVENT
"Puroresu Powerhouse" Kazuma Fujita vs. "MAMMOTH" Furiano
1 Fall, 60 Minute Time Limit
Referee: Yoshiyuki Okano

The rematch of one of BSPW's biggest upsets has finally arrived. Seven months after "MAMMOTH" Furiano defeated BSPW native leader, Kazuma Fujita to become the 4th BSPW Golden Crown champion, the two men would meet once again. The Castle Hall lights fade as the crowd rises in applause. A spotlight shines upon Yoshihiro Fujinaka in the middle of the ring. "This is the MAAAAAAIN EVENTOH!" "Under Fire" by Yoshinobu Kanayama plays over the speakers. The crowd immediately explodes in deafening cheers. Chants of "FOO-JI-TAH!" engulf the arena. BIG POPPA DAN leads Fujita out, wearing his black "FURY" leather jacket. He walks to the ring at a fast pace. Almost uncharacteristic of Fujita, he doesn't let out his trademark battle cry, but immediately goes to his corner, burying his face in the top turnbuckle as Dan gives him advice on the apron. "Biohazard", the music of Furiano hits next. The crowd rallies in chants of "FUR-AH-NO" as Furiano walks out, being seconded by the BSPW Golden Crown champion Jason Ramsey! Furiano walks to the ring with a red towel over his head, hiding his expression. Fujinaka goes into the formal introductions.. "FUJITA... KAZUUUUUMAAAAAAH!!!" A giant shower of gold/silver streamers flood the ring as Fujita finally lets out his battle cry, and receives more cheers. ""MAMMUTHU ....FURIAAAANOOOOOOH!!!!!!" The fans throw an almost equal amount of yellow streamers into the ring, showing great support for Furiano. Even before the bell, Fujita and Furiano have a stern staredown in the middle of the ring. The volume of the crowd is off the charts as the bell finally rings. Both men continue to stand toe-to-toe, even looks like they exchange words. They both simultaneously step back before CHARGING at each other with a collar-elbow lockup. Fujita uses his strength to inch Furiano towards the ropes, but Furiano uses his strength to stop Fujita, and abruptly SHOVES Fujita down to the applause of the crowd. Chants of "FUR-AH-NO" rain as Fujita gets to his feet and again both men collide in a lockup. This time, Fujita manages to synch in a headlock. Furiano easily shoves Fujita off, sending him into the ropes. Fujita comes back and Furiano hits him HARD with a shoulder block... but Fujita barely wobbles! Furiano screams back at Fujita, "DO YOUR BEST!" Fujita charges into the right side ropes and hits Furiano with his own shoulder block, but Furiano also barely staggers! Fujita tells Furiano to hit him again, and Furiano comes off the ropes again, hitting Fujita with another shoulder block, this time Fujita staggers back further. Fujita shakes it off, and gives Furiano a nasty Knife-edge chop to the chest! Furiano barks back with his own cry, blasting Fujita with his own chop. He absorbs the stinging chop, but then tests Furiano again, this time giving him TWO chops! Furiano starts rubbing his chest, but hits Fujita with two more chops! By this time, the crowd is totally into the exchange, popping after every blow. Fujita, feeling the blistering pain of the chops falls to one knee, while grasping his chest. Fujita suddenly jumps back up and pushes Furiano into the ropes and gives him a rush of SEVEN Knife-edge chops! Furiano stumbles away, with his chest blistering in a cherry red. He turns around and gets hit with a charging shoulder block from Fujita! Fujita quickly makes the pin, but Furiano kicks out. Furiano gets to his feet and immediately locks up with Fujita. Both men use their strength to try and gain leverage. Furiano this time is the one who secures the headlock. Furiano applies pressure, causing Fujita to fall to one knee... However, he comes back and tries to push Furiano into the ropes, but "MAMMOTH" grinds his forearm into Fujita's temples, forcing Fujita back to one knee. With Fujita weak, Furiano releases his grip and scoops Fujita up before dropping him HARD with a Bodyslam. He quickly goes back to Fujita's neck, applying a Chinlock. After a few moments in the hold, Fujita's able to turn his body over. With Furiano having Fujita back in a Headlock position, he tries once again to shove Furiano off, but he doesn't relent. He tries again, but Furiano's vice is strong. Fujita finally grabs Furiano around the waist... and with great speed and using his sheer strength, lifts Furiano up and drops Furiano with a Side Backdrop suplex! The crowd pops big for the counter! Furiano amazingly rolls around with Fujita's attack and scrambles to his feet before NAILING FUJITA WITH A RUNNING ELBOW SMASH! The front row of the crowd jump from their seats in excitement! Furiano quickly rolls onto Fujita for the pin, but Fujita powers out of it after two. Furiano gets to his feet and brings Fujita up as well. He leans Fujita into the ropes, and tries to whip him, but Fujita hangs on to the ropes... Furiano hits Fujita with a quick rush of Elbow shots, finally allowing Furiano to whip Fujita into the ropes. Fujita comes back at Furiano, and Furiano jumps sloppily with a Dropkick, hitting Fujita in the chest and sending him to the mat. Furiano immediately goes for the pinfall, but Fujita powers out of it before one and quickly scrambles to his feet, getting a pop from the fans. They once again lock up, this time Furiano grabs Fujita in a wrist lock, and follows it up with a Hammerlock. Fujita easily shrugs him off with a couple of rear elbow butts. Furiano shoves Fujita chest first into the ropes, ricocheting him back towards Furiano, as he HAMMERS Fujita in the back of the head with a brutal elbow shot! Fujita falls to his knees, grabbing his neck as Furiano pulls him up and grabs him in a half waistlock... The fans immediately go nuts, anticipating Furiano's Backdrop Driver... Furiano attempts to hoist Fujita up, but Fujita fights for his life, finally breaking free with a couple of elbows to Furiano's neck, but the stubborn Furiano refuses to quit, and turns Fujita around before giving him TWO MORE stiff elbow shots to Fujita's neck, and goes back to the half waistlock... He stills has trouble getting Fujita up, but with all his strength, he suddenly lifts Fujita up...But Fujita shifts his bodyweight and lasts ON TOP OF FURIANO! Okano makes the mad dash, but only counts two before Furiano kicks out. Both men move quickly to their feet and charge at each other with another collar-elbow tie-up. It's Fujita this time who secures the wrist lock. Fujita drops an elbow into the joint of Furiano's arm, and suddenly pulls Furiano in, giving him a rush of knees to Furiano's chest! Fujita stays firmly on the offense and applies a standing armbar, while using his knee to hyper-extend Furiano's limb. Furiano tries to stay calm, but as the pain starts to get to be too much, Furiano starts reaching for the ropes. He slowly inches his way towards the left hand side of the ring, as the crowd rallies behind in chants of "FUR-AH-NO!" As Furiano gets closer, Fujita adds much more damage by dropping to the ground, applying the Cross Armbreaker! The crowd bursts in "OOHHH!!!"'s as they wait for the tapout! Furiano screams in pain as he tries to reach the ropes... AND FINALLY REACHES THEM! The crowd applauds in appreciation for Furiano's fighting spirit! Fujita stays focused and pulls Furiano to his feet. He goes to scoop Furiano up, but Furiano still has more fight left in him! He axe handles Fujita's back before giving Fujita more knife-edge chops, sending Fujita staggering into the corner. Furiano whips Fujita across the ring into the opposite corner, and Furiano comes charging in BLASTING Fujita with a Lariat, crushing him in between the turnbuckle! Fujita staggers out as Furiano again grabs Fujita in the half waistlock.. AND DROPS FUJITA ON HIS HEAD WITH THE BACKDROP DRIVER!! The crowd explodes in cheers! ...BUT FUJITA ROLLS THROUGH WITH THE MOVE AND CHARGES TOWARDS FURIANO AND LUNGES WITH THE LARIAT!! ...BUT FURIANO DUCKS, SENDING FUJITA SPINNING AND ALLOWING FURIANO TO HIS A SECOND BACKDROP DRIVER!!! Both lay motionless for several moments while the crowd slowly dies down from their explosive reaction. Furiano rolls over and pins Fujita, and gets a 2.5!! Furiano slams his palms on the mat in frustration... Furiano gets to his feet and waits in the corner... He extends his arm, motioning for the Lariat, as the crowd cheers! Fujita eventually starts to move... he stumbles to his feet as Furiano charges towards Fujita and swings with the Lariat, but Fujita ducks! Furiano spins around and Fujita EXECUTES THE DANGEROUS BACKDROP DRIVER!! Fujita using the exact same move to counter Furiano's lariat! Again, both men lay passed out on the mat. Okano starts the double ten count... Fujita starts to move as Okano reaches 6, and gets to his feet thanks to the ring ropes at 8. He pulls Furiano up, but quickly drops him with a Bodyslam positioned near the corner. Fujita climbs over to the turnbuckle and from the second turnbuckle, jumps with a Diving Body Splash, but Furiano gets his knees up! Fujita hastily hits the mat, clutching his stomach. Furiano brings him to his feet and uses his amazing strength and lifts Fujita high into the air with a Vertical Suplex, and drops back with a thunderous THUD! Furiano sits up, showing the obvious strain of lifting Fujita. He pulls Fujita up, before taking him over with a Snapmare. He quickly goes back to using the Chinlock. He squeezes harder and harder, trying to damage Fujita's neck even further. He pushes Fujita back down and quickly drops his elbow across Fujita's chest, and repeats it two more times. He brings Fujita up, who suddenly breaks away from Furiano and delivers a guh punch right to Furiano's face! Furiano stumbles back before finally falling in a seated position. Fujita shakes. Fujita rushes into the ropes as Furiano gets up, and Fujita connects with the Running Neckbreaker drop, receiving a huge pop from the fans. Fujita quickly goes for the pinfall, but Furiano uses both of his legs to power out after two. Fujita quickly sits Furiano up and clamps on the Double-Wrist Facelock. Okano jumps in and asks Furiano if he submits, but Furiano screams "NO!" Furiano tries to reach the ropes with his feet, which he is close to due to their ring position. Finally, Furiano is able to grab the ropes with his feet. Fujita quickly releases the hold to the applause of the fans. Furiano slowly gets to his feet before Fujita corners him into the turnbuckle and BLASTS him with a series of forearm smashes... These only seem to revitalize! Furiano screams "ICHIDANTO!" meaning "MORE!" Fujita obliges and gives Furiano another series of SICK elbow shots to his jaw. The effects of the blows show their effect on Furiano as he slumps down into the corner, but he reaches deep and stands back up and gives Fujita a rush of elbows of his own! Fujita staggers back, but charges back at Furiano, who hits Fujita would more elbows! Fujita looks to be in deep trouble as Furiano hits him with even more elbows. With Fujita woozy, Furiano charges into the ropes and hits HARD with a Running Elbow, but Fujita still stands! Furiano hits him with even more elbows before spinning and KNOCKS FUJITA DOWN WITH THE ROLLING ELBOW SMASH! Furiano falls onto Fujita, hooking the leg as Okano, along with the fans make the count, BUT FUJITA KICKS OUT AT 2.9! The fans erupt in an explosion of cheers chanting "FOO-JI-TAH!" Somehow, Fujita is able to get to his feet, still wobbling from the other strikes. Furiano once again attempts the Rolling Elbow, but Fujita ducks and catches Furiano before hitting a German Suplex hold! The crowd again counts along, but Furiano immediately kicks out after two! Both men get to their feet, and Furiano hits Fujita again with an elbow, but Fujita fires back with a STIFF Knuckle Arrow! So stiff, that it looks like the strike broke the bridge of Furiano's nose. Both fighters continued to trade elbow-knuckle arrow shots, both refusing to show any give. Fujita suddenly ducks Furiano's elbow and locks on a Half Nelson before THROWING FURIANO OVER AND DROPPING HIM ON HIS HEAD! The entire Castle Hall crowd explodes in commotion! Fujita pulls Furiano up and stuffs Furiano's head between his legs... He tries to lift Furiano up for the Powerbomb, but Furiano still has tons of fight in him. Furiano buckles to one knee, trying to add more weight for Fujita to lift. Fujita, in frustration starts SLAMMING his knee into the side of Furiano's head. With Furiano's resilience broken down, Fujita again attempts the Powerbomb... and with what could have been his remaining strength, he hoists Furiano's 262-pound body up and DROPS HIM WITH THE POWERBOMB! Fujita folds Furiano's legs over to make the pin as Okano counts * ONE... TWO... THR-FURIANO KICKS OUT! * The decibel level in the building is now hitting a feverish pitch as almost all the fans are on their feet applauding both men's grueling efforts. Fujita lies on the mat with a look of disbelief. He walks over to Furiano and pulls him to his feet... Fujita looks to be setting Furiano up for the Sheer Drop Brainbuster as he lifts Furiano up vertically... but suddenly Furiano starts fighting in mid-air... and drops behind Fujita, AND ROLLS HIM UP WITH THE SAME MOVE HE USED TO WIN THE GOLDEN CROWN ON 10/18/02, THE SCHOOL BOY! The crowd explodes in a fuss as Okano quickly makes the count * ONE! ...TWO! ...THRE-FUJITA KICKS OUT!!! * The building comes UNGLUED as Fujita escapes the very same move Furiano used to win their match in October. Both men pull themselves up using the ropes... while on opposite sides of the ring, both men suddenly charge towards each other and simultaneously hit one another with dual Lariats!! Both men stagger back before Furiano again shouts "FUJITA-SAN! ...DO YOUR BEST!!" Fujita nods and gives Furiano a BRUTAL Short-Arm Lariat! Furiano nearly falls back, but maintains his sense of balance. Fujita then tells Furiano to his him with a Lariat, but Furiano does so by stiffing Fujita with a Lariat, even MORE brutal then Fujita's! Fujita staggers all the way across the ring and stumbles into the ropes before coming back with ANOTHER STIFF LARIAT! Furiano also stumbles into the ropes and comes back with HIS OWN RUNNING LARIAT! Fujita once again stumbles the ropes and comes back with AN EVEN MORE VICIOUS LARIAT, KNOCKING FURIANO DOWN HARD! The front row literally jump from their seats cheering as Fujita falls to one knee and pins Furiano. Okano channels the spirit of Kyohei Wada and literally DIVES over Fujita and Furiano and makes the count, along with the fans. * ONE!! ...TWO!!! ...THRE-FURIANO GETS HIS SHOULDER UP! * The crowd once again bursts in cheers and applause, some even chanting "FUR-AH-NO!" Fujita gets to one knee and suddenly makes a LOUD Battle cry to the fans! He tries to pull Furiano up by his hair, but Furiano is running on empty... Fujita grabs Furiano and pulls him to his feet... Fujita makes another cry to the crowd, receiving loud calls of "FUJITA!" Fujita then blasts Furiano with a Short-Arm Lariat with his left arm, a stiff Enzuilariato with his right arm and finally a BRUTAL HEAD HOLD LARIAT, KNOCKING FURIANO BACK DOWN! Fujita collapses onto Furiano as Okano, along with the Castle Hall fans make the count *ONE!! ...TWO!!! ...THREE!!! * Fujita pins Furiano after a VICIOUS match!
Winner: "Puroresu Powerhouse" Kazuma Fujita
Time Of Match: 30:31
Finishing Move: Head Hold Lariat
Rating: ****1/2

Fujita and Furiano both lie motionless as the fans literally rush the ring pounding the edges of the mat in support. Fujita gets to his feet as Yoshiyuki Okano raises his hand to unanimous cheers. Fujinaka announces Fujita as the winner of the match as "UNDER FIRE" hits. BPD and Ramsey quickly roll into the ring. Ramsey attempts to his fallen friend as Dan wraps a large BSPW Flag over Fujita's shoulders. Fujita then requests the microphone as Fujinaka hands it to him... the music dies down as Fujita, with a tearful look in his eyes puts the microphone to his mouth.

Kazuma Fujita: "Furiano-san... Furiano-san..."

Fujita walks over to Furiano and helps Ramsey pull Furiano to his feet.

Fujita: "Furiano-san... You showed more spirit... then anybody... I have ever fought... Arigato, Furiano-san..."

Fujita extends his hand to Furiano, who accepts, and pulls Fujita in for a hug as the crowd applauds in appreciation. Ramsey helps Furiano to the back as Dan and Fujita hold the ropes open.

Fujita: "Today officially begins the third year of Burning Spirit Pro-Wrestling... And I thank you, the fans who have supported this company since the beginning. I thank you, the wrestlers of Burning Spirit thank you, the staff of Burning Spirit thank you and most of all, Koji Tanaka thanks you. We would never be where we are today without you. Arigato! ...Tonight's match was a celebration of what Burning Spirit is... And what Burning Spirit Pro-Wrestling is, it is the greatest wrestling company in the world, and it will always be the top of the wrestling ring... With people such as myself, Furiano, Ramsey, Dan... We will do our best to continue that. So everybody... will you come with us, as we begin our third year? We will not let you down!

Fujita drops the microphone as "UNDER FIRE" plays again as Dan and Fujita hold the BSPW flag up high to the thunderous support of the fans. Koji Tanaka exited his position from the broadcast booth, grabbing a microphone. Once more he thanked the fans for coming, and especially thanked the wrestlers in attendance, for putting on what he called a "fantastic display of burning spirit". He gave a farewell message to the fans watching at home, as "Distance" by Northwind SAGA hit one last time, the cameras fading out as Kazuma Fujita and Big Poppa Dan celebrated in the ring. Click HERE