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OKay so I decided to make a page devoted to this picture, because so many people question it, and I just want clarify so i don't have to answer more and more peoples questions. ^_^.
So this picture dates back to my senior prom.
Lets just say my date was having a lot of fun taking candid pictures of me =P.
So finally i told him to stop, because he was wasting my film and i was extending my arm to get the camera away from him and he took the picture right as i was doing that.
After i got my pictures developed I showed my other friend the lovely candid pictures my date took and he decided to mess with it.
He's really good with photoshop and all that, very creative.
So he sent me this picture with the world and elise almighty because we had just seen Bruce Almighty in the theatres.
Yes, so I did not create this picture(I'm not that creative =P) my friend did, and I liked it so much that i wanted to put it on my xanga ^_^

The End ^_^