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Jeff  Dirkes



Most Improved Driver 2005

Out Law Stock Division

Bridgeport Speedway



I am just starting this page so please be patient with me

I have been driving race cars since before I got my license.

But just around the yard.

Racing runs in my family.

I hope to pass the love of Racing to my daughter Lily, who was born this year and is the love of my life.

Her Mom Megan races too !

I race at Bridgeport Speedway, Out Law Stock Division.

And won most improved Driver this year.

I came in top 5 quite a few times this year

Megan is almost always there with me, unless she has to stay home  with Lily or work.

My family is very supportive of my racing.

 My Friends are supportive too

Bob Dooley and his wife BJ

Walt Hayes and his Family

And my Uncle Bob

It's great to have all these people pulling for me at the Track.

I      always do my best but ...I do hope to do better this year,

More top 5's and hopefully a win or 2.

I will be adding more later.

Till then.........

See you at Bridgeport



I will be adding more later

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