Sunday, August 31
10:15 AM

arrrgh. its sunday. i hate working on sunday. its the most boring day of the week. you would think that on a long weekend it wouldn't matter; but you're so very, very wrong. this stupid place has been open for 45 minutes and there've been four people (actually, it's been two couples- so really that's like 2 visits) so far. that means that until 4:30, i can expect to see... well; my math skills aren't really the best but i know i can expect to see not too many people. i forgot to bring my radio again; because i used to have another guy working with me all weekend but he moved or died or was kidnapped by the yakuza a few days ago so now i don't get to use his cd player. that means i get to listen to the avril lavigne & matchbox 20 marathon that is 105.5 (or something) FM -> THE MOOSE. you probably don't understand why you should care about something like that; but put it this way - if i wasn't bored then i wouldn't be typing this stuff; and you'd have to sit around staring out the window or something; because there is nothing new on the entire internet.

i am still a master of time. i know this because i somehow showed up fifteen minutes early this morning. i suppose the guy who gave me a ride here must know i'm a master of time and he was afraid to be late because i might use my super time cannon to send him back to 1987 or some crappy year like that. it is a good thing i showed up early though; because there was another coffee emergency and i got time to clean it up before the doors open. the reason for this is because the stupid plastic lid on the coffee maker is always getting clogged up. so i cleaned it, too. but there was other stuff in the sink, so when i turned on the tap, the water hit all the crap in the sink and made coffee water spray all over me. i may have time powers, but my reflexes aren't that good. so now my yellow glasseater t-shirt is covered in coffeewater. the reason i have a glasseater t-shirt is, not only do i like the band quite a bit; but by wearing it i am telling everybody i meet that i am indie-mo. it makes things easier, because they wont have to ask. but if some hot little indie girl with black rimmed glasses and a backpack covered in buttons happens to see me with coffeewater stains all over my shirt, she'll think i'm dirty and i'll have to settle for her hippie sister or something like that. my shirt probably smells good now, though.

i just got my third customer. she wasn't indie, though. that means she probably listens to rap,  because all the non-indie-mo girls around here only listen to rap. also she was with her parents or something; and her dad (i'm guessing) said "howdy". WHO SAYS HOWDY??? i just nodded and said "hi" or "how's it goin'" or whatever; but then i hink he might have been saying howdy to mock my appearence because i was chewing on a stirstick and it probably looked pretty hickish. everytime i use a stirstick, i find the need to chew on it.

i'm going to try to not drink so much coffee this morning. i've had three cups and that's gonna be it. i have a lot of pop in the fridge because the radio people keep coming here and giving me free pop. i should drink it today because its mine and whoever's here tomorrow will probably drink it all on me. not that i want it that badly; its just the whole principle of the pop belonging to me. i cant let anybody else have it. i need the caffeine anyways; because i was up until 3:30 and i had to get up at 8:00. i didn't go to that party, of course, because i was working this morning; but i stayed up all night anyways. i listened to some music and then i fixed the drumtracks in a couple songs erin and i made a few days ago. erin was kind of pissed about not going to that party too, because she had no way to get there either. not that it matters to me, because i didn't go. blah blah blah. what i'm getting at is that matt perry is stupid.

okay, maybe i better explain that. see, i was supposed to watch adaptation, but since i couldn't get into town, i was stuck watching watever's on the movie channel. at about 2 o'clock am, this movie 'serving sara' came on. i wasnt paying attention because there were other things in my room; like food, and exclaim magazine, and whatever else we can possibly distracted by. but there was a part of the movie where that chandler guy (matt or matthew  parry or perry, im not too sure) had to put his hand up a bull's ass and touch it's prostate, because it was having trouble getting it up, if ya know what i mean (and if you dont know what i mean you're a dipshit). so anyways the movie was pretty stupid, but at 2 or 3 AM, anything will entertain you. even this website. chanananananananandaler had his whole arm at that bull's ass. which fits, because he's a bull's ass anyways, and probably also he like to masturbate cattle.

^ ^ ^ this is what i do at work, ladies and gentlemen.. WAIT, NO! i don't mean i masturbate cattle! i mean, i sit around and write about it. i'm gonna go kill time on the internet and then maybe eat some food and wander around looking busy. i'll probably write more later.